Non-Degree Seeking Admission Requirements

Applicants with College Degree

An applicant who has (1) earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, (2) who desires to take only a limited number of undergraduate courses, and (3) who is not presently working toward a degree at the University of Memphis may be admitted in this category.


Applicants with Previous College Attendance but No Degree

A student currently or previously enrolled in any accredited college or university may be admitted in this category.

NOTE: Transient students (those regularly enrolled and in good standing at another institution who desire to attend the University of Memphis for only a limited period of time) should apply at the non-degree level.

Applicants with No Previous College Attendance

An applicant who has graduated from high school or the equivalent and has never attended another college or university may be admitted in this category with the following conditions:

1. Students are limited to earning a total of 24 credit hours while in the non degree category.

2. Applicants who are offered admission to this category and who do not have appropriate test scores in English and math who wish to take an English or a mathematics course will be required to take a placement examination prior to enrollment. Based on the results of this assessment, these applicants may be required to successfully complete basic or developmental courses prior to enrolling in degree credit courses.

3. Applicants in the non degree category are not eligible to receive federal financial aid.

NOTE: Those applicants under 21 who complete their high school work during the calendar year in which they seek admission will not be considered in the non-degree category. These applicants must apply as first-time freshmen.

All non-degree students may, at any time within the stated deadlines, apply to the Office of Admissions for reclassification as degree-seeking students, effective at the beginning of the next semester. Admission procedures and requirements are the same as those for degree-seeking undergraduate applicants. Applicants must file an application to be reclassified into this category and supply the following documentation:

1. Provide an acceptable entrance examination score or the equivalent.

2. The high school graduation requirement may be satisfied by any of the methods listed in the first-time freshmen section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

After students are admitted as regular undergraduates, any credit that may have been earned as non-degree-seeking students may apply toward degree programs in the college from which a degree is sought as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog.