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Dr. Farhad Jazaei

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

(901) 678-4232
(901) 678-3026
112D Engineering Science Building
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  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA, 2017
  • M. Sc. Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2008
  • B. Sc. Civil Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2006

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Memphis (8/2019-Present)
  • Research Associate, Center for Applied Earth Sciences and Engineering Research (CAESER), The University of Memphis (8/2017-7/2019)
  • Research Assistant, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Auburn University (8/2012-7/2017)

Honors and Awards

  • 2015, Farvolden Award, National Ground Water Association (NGWA)
  • 2015, Outstanding International Student, Auburn University
  • 2013, Feagin graduate fellowship, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University
  • 2013, Outstanding research from Civil Engineering Department, Graduate Engineering Research Showcase, Auburn University
  • 2012, Full Ph.D. scholarship, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University

Research Interest

  • Water resources and environmental management
  • Fate and transport of contaminants in the environment
  • Surface water and groundwater interaction
  • Groundwater hydraulics and hydrology
  • Numerical simulation of (groundwater/surface water) flow and contaminant transport
  • Computational modeling of engineering system
  • Water-smart city / Water security
  • Groundwater remediation


  • L. Battacharjee, F. Jazaei, M. Salehi. Insights into the mechanism of plastics’ fragmentation under abrasive mechanical forces: an implication for agricultural soil health. Journal of Clear Air Water and Soil. 2023 (Accepted for publication)
  • Pierce Joel, Waldron Brian; Jazaei Farhad. A Methodology to Enhance a Previously PEST-Calibrated Shallow Aquifer and Aquitard Breach Model. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. 2023 (Accepted for publication)
  • Ashiq, Muhammad Masood, et al. "Abundance, spatial distribution, and physical characteristics of microplastics in stormwater detention ponds." Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering 17.10 (2023): 124. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11783-023-1724-y 
  • Giglou, A. N., Nazari, R., Jazaei, F., & Karimi, M., 2023. Assessing the effects of increased impervious surface on the aquifer recharge through river flow network, case study of Jackson, Tennessee, USA. Science of The Total Environment, 872, 162203. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.162203
  • Jazaei, F.; Chy, T.; Salehi,M., 2022. Can Microplastic Pollution Change Soil-Water Dynamics? Results from Controlled Laboratory Experiments. Water, 14(21), P.3430. https://doi.org/10.3390/w14213430
  • Azizi, K., Kashani, A.R., Ebrahimi, S. and Jazaei, F., 2022. Application of a multi-objective optimization model for the design of piano key weirs with a fixed dam height. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 49(11), 1764-1778. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjce-2022-0096 
  • Sondipon Paul, Waldron, B., Jazaei, F., Schoefernacker, S., Larsen, D, 2022. Groundwater Well Optimization to Minimize Contaminant Movement from a Surficial Shallow Aquifer to a Lower Water Supply Aquifer Using Stochastic Simulation-Optimization Modeling Techniques: Strategy Formulation. MethodsX 101765. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2215016122001455 
  • Mahmoudi, D., Rezaei, M., Ashjari, J., Salehghamari, E., Jazaei, F. and Babakhani, P., 2020. Impacts of stratigraphic heterogeneity and release pathway on the transport of bacterial cells in porous media. Science of The Total Environment, p.138804. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.138804
  • Jazaei, F., Waldron, B., Schoefernacker, S., Larsen, D, 2019. Application of numerical tools to investigate a leaky aquitard beneath urban well Fields. Water, 11(1), p.5. doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/w11010005. 
  • Jazaei, F., Simpson, M.J., Clement, 2017. Understanding time scales of diffusive fluxes and the implication for steady state and steady shape conditions. Geophysical Research Letters, 44(1), 174-180. doi:10.1002/2016GL071914 
  • Jazaei, F., Clement, T.P., Simpson, M.J., 2016. Spatial analysis of aquifer response times for radial flow processes: Nondimensional analysis and laboratory-scale tests. Journal of Hydrology, 532, 1-8. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2015.11.024 
  • Jazaei, F., Simpson, M.J., Clement, T.P., 2014. An analytical framework for quantifying aquifer response time scales associated with transient boundary conditions. Journal of Hydrology 519, 1642–1648. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.09.018 
  • Simpson, M.J., Jazaei, F., Clement, T.P., 2013. How long does it take for aquifer recharge or aquifer discharge processes to reach steady state? Journal of Hydrology 501, 241-248. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2013.08.005 

Conference Proceedings

  • Mahammad Masood Ashiq, Farhad Jazaei, Alireza Bakhsaee. Investigation and Identification of the Microplastics Presence in the Soil. AGU Fall Meeting 2022
  • Bisesh Joshi, Claudio I. Meier, Farhad Jazaei. Estimating Streambed Hydraulic Conductivity Using Mini-Piezometers with Drilled-Holes Screens. AGU Fall Meeting 2022
  • Nazli Aghashahi, Brian Waldron, Farhad Jazaei. Evaluation of Groundwater Age Distributions due to Leakage through an Aquitard Breach. AGU Fall Meeting 2022
  • Babak Azari, Farhad Jazaei, Brian Waldron. Evaluating the impact of low permeability zones’ shapes and groundwater head gradient on the contaminant back diffusion. AGU Fall Meeting 2022
  • Alireza Bakhsaee, Farhad Jazaei, Mahammad Masood Ashiq, Ahmed Shakir Ali,. The Impact of Land and Water Use Changes on Climate-Land-Energy-Water (CLEW) Nexus in the Bakhtegan Basin, Iran. AGU Fall Meeting 2022
  • Ahmed Shakir Ali, Farhad Jazaei, Mahammad Masood Ashiq. Numerical Model For Simulation of Scour Around Bridge Abutment. AGU Fall Meeting 2022
  • Algusaireen, E., Dell’Aira, F., Lendesma, B., Jazaei, F., Meier, C. A methodology for depicting hyperheic travel times at high temporal and spatial resolutions. 2022 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress (EWRI)
  • Ahmed Shakir Ali, Farhad Jazaei, Mahammad Masood Ashiq. Estimation of Equilibrium Local Scour Depth Around Piers Using Artificial Neural Network. 2022 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress (EWRI)
  • Gholamreza Bonyadinejad, Maryam Salehi Esfandarani*, Farhad Jazaei. Investigate the factors influencing photodegradation of microplastics (MPs): An implication for water resources protection. 2021 Kentucky/Tennessee Water Professionals Conference
  • Linkon Bhattacharjee, Maryam Salehi, Farhad Jazaei. Investigate the Factors that Influence the Microplastics Fragmentation: An Implication for Water Resources Protection. 2021 Kentucky/Tennessee Water Professionals Conference 
  • Alqusaireen, E., Meier, C., Argerich, A., Jazaei, F. 3D High-Resolution Description of Hyporheic Exchange Flow in Gravel Bars. 2019 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Jazaei, F., Waldron, B. A., Schoefernacker, O., & Larsen, D. (2018, December). Numerical tools for identifying confining unit breaches impacting semi-confined water-supply aquifers. In AGU Fall Meeting (Vol. 2018, pp. H41J-2212).
  • Meier, Claudio I., Farhad Jazaei, and Alba Argerich. "What Happens under a Gravel Bar, Really? Estimating Travel Times of Hyporheic Exchange Flow at Very-High Spatial Resolution." AGU Fall Meeting. Vol. 2018. 2018. (Including Oral presentation)
  • Jazaei, F., Clement, T.P., Simpson, M.J., 2016. Response-time analysis of groundwater flows perturbed by pumping wells. AGU Fall Meeting 2016, San Francisco, CA, (Oral presentation)
  • Jazaei, F., Clement, T.P., Simpson, M.J., 2015. Predicting the time scales of groundwater response to surface-water variations. NGWA Groundwater Summit, San Antonio, Texas
  • Jazaei, F., Abrishamchi, A., Tajrishy, M., Abrishamchi, Ali, 2008. “Urban groundwater level forecasting applying Artificial Neural Network (ANN),” International Conference on Water Scarcity, Global Changes and Groundwater Management Responses, University of California, Irvine

Teaching Courses (Undergraduate (U), Graduate (G))

  • (G) Groundwater Hydraulics, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Memphis
  • (G) Applied groundwater modeling (Developed Course), Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Memphis
  • (G) Computational methods in hydraulics and hydrology (Developed Course), Department of Civil Engineering & Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Memphis
  • (U) Statics, Herff College of Engineering, University of Memphis
  • (U) Civil Engineering Hydraulics and Hydrology, University of Memphis
  • (U) Hydraulics and Hydrology Lab, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Memphis
  • (U) Civil Engineering Analysis, Department of Civil Engineering, Auburn University

Current and graduated Master's Students

  1. Tareq Jamal Chy (2021), MSc (Advisor)
  2. Bisesh Joshi (2022), MSc (Co-advisor)
  3. Linkon Bhattacharjee (2023), MSc (Co-advisor)

Current and graduated Ph.D. Students 

  1. Eatedal Alqusaireen (2021), Department of Civil Engineering (Co-advisor)
  2. Alireza Bakhshaee (TBD), Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor)
  3. Ahmed Shakir Ali (TBD), Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor)
  4. Muhammad Masood Ashiq (TBD), Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor)
  5. Babak Azari (TBD), Department of Civil Engineering (Co-advisor)
  6. Nazli Aghashahi (TBD), Department of Civil Engineering (Co-advisor) 

Member of UoM Graduate Student Committees

  1. Kushal Regmi, MSc student, Department of Civil Engineering (2019)
  2. Haley Grace Gallo, MSc student, Department of Civil Engineering (2021)
  3. Joel Pierce, MSc student, Department of Civil Engineering (2022)
  4. Benja Ledesma, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)
  5. Reza Bonyadi, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)
  6. Md Hadiuzzaman, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)
  7. Khairul Hassan, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)
  8. S. Mohamad Hossein, Ph.D. student, Department of Earth Sciences (TBD)
  9. Aashis Sapkota, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (2021)
  10. Angel Alberto Jimenez, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)
  11. Saman Ebrahimi, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)
  12. Mahdis Khorram, Ph.D. student, Department of Civil Engineering (TBD)

Laboratory Development

  • Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Laboratory (GFCT Lab), Department of Civil Engineering (Being developed...)

Grants and contracts

  • Investigating the Occurrence of Microplastic Pollution within the Biosolids of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Great Lakes Water Authority & Brown and Caldwell, 2022 (PI)- ~$85K
  • Occurrence of Microplastics Pollution in Agricultural Farms, Brown and Caldwell, 2022 (PI)- ~35K
  • Developing a framework to quantify Microplastic load transported by urban stormwater, Brown and Caldwell, 2021 (PI)- ~$33K
  • ITESO-Memphis Engineering Exchange, US Department of State, 2021 (co-PI)- ~$83K
  • Pre- and post-restoration assessment of Loan Oak basin, West Tennessee River Basin Authority, 2021 (Co-PI)- ~$163K
  • Microplastics Fate and Transport in Agricultural Soil: Interrelation of Hydrodynamics, Chemistry, and Material sciences, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA-NIFA), 2020 (PI) - ~$590K
  • Toward a Water Smart Campus- Green Fee, University of Memphis, 2020 (PI)- ~$34K
  • Investigating contaminant storage and release mechanisms at low permeability zones, Herff College of Engineering Faculty Research Grants- UoM, 2020 (PI)- ~$15K 
  •  West TN Dept of Agriculture, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, 2019 (Co-PI) ~$430K
  • MLGW Aquitard, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division, 2019 (Co-PI)- ~$5M
  • Community of Research Scholars grant (CoRS), University of Memphis, 2019 (PI) -$2K
  • Allen Wellfield Evaluation, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water (MLGW) Division, 2017 (Co-PI)- $1.2M

Reviewer for Journals and Funding Agencies

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Water Resources Research (WRR)
  • Advances in Water Resources
  • Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences
  • Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP)
  • Water- MDPI
  • Water Environment Research and International Journal of Environmental Engineering (IJEE)
  • Journal of Ecology & Natural Resources (JENR)
  • Environmental Earth Science
  • Applied Sciences- MDPI 

Education and outreach

  • Herff Engineering Day 2023
  • Invited Speaker, NSF Groundwater Security Workshop, University of Alabama (2022)
  • Collaborating with the City of Memphis and Christian Brothers University on reviewing and preparing the Storm Water Management Manual for the City of Memphis and Shelby County.
  • Hosting member of "Your Water, Your Research (2021)" public forum, University of Memphis
  • Herff Scholars Day 2021
  • Resident member of Engineers' Club of Memphis

 General Department Service Activities

  • CIVL 4199: Civil Engineering Senior Design Mentor (1/2020-Present)
  • Civil Engineering Undergraduate Student Advisor (8/2019-Present)
  • Member of Computing Committee (8/2019-Present)
  • Member of Scholarship Committee (8/2019-Present)
  • Member of Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (8/2019-Present)
  • Member of Undergraduate Recruiting and Retention Committee (8/2019-Present)
  • Member of Graduate Curriculum and Policies Committee (8/2019-Present)
  • Member of Laboratory and Facilities Committee (8/2019-Present)