Civil Engineering Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Civil Engineering offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B S  in Civil Engineering). 


Scholarships and Fellowships

Road Builders Scholarships

Awarded yearly by Road Builders of Tennessee.  Students need to register for an interview.
For more information, contract Dr. Shahram Pezeshk, spezeshk@memphis.edu.

Construction Engineering/ Management Scholarships

There are a few Construction Engineering/Management Scholarships are available every year.
For more information, contract Dr. Shahram Pezeshk, spezeshk@memphis.edu.

Merit Scholarships

When financial barriers prevent a talented individual from expanding or completing his or her education, it is a loss for society. At the Herff College of Engineering, we measure our success in the differences we make in students' lives. Thanks to the Dean's vision and generous donors, we are able to offer competitive scholarships.

Freshman Scholarships
The Herff College of Engineering offers a robust scholarship program available to first-time freshmen. This scholarship program offers three opportunities for incoming freshmen. The amounts and requirements are below:

Herff Merit Scholarship

$5,000 / year (max 4 years)
32 ACT comp or 1420 SAT and a
32 ACT Math or 720 SAT Math and a
3.5 GPA

$3,000 / year (max 4 years)
30 ACT comp or 1360 SAT and a
3.5 GPA

Engineering Success Scholarship*

$3,000/ year (max 4 years)
26 ACT Math or equivalent
3.5 GPA 
Evidence of Financial Need (Pell Eligibility, unmet financial need from FAFSA, etc.)

*The Engineering Success scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.

To apply for either Herff Merit or Engineering Success scholarship, please fill out this form online or offline. The deadline is December 1, 2021.

Maintenance of Scholarships:

1.  A student is eligible to receive the Herff Engineering Merit Scholarship for a maximum of 8 semesters. This includes the initial award year (2 semesters) and 6 additional semesters. A student may petition the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration to put their award on hold for a maximum of 2 semesters.

2. The scholarship will be terminated if the student changes to a non-engineering major.

3.  A student awarded a Herff Engineering Merit Scholarship must make progress toward an engineering degree during the academic year (Fall, Spring). This requirement varies depending on major, but in general, implies that you are on track according to the standard curriculum plan of your program (see the catalog). If you have questions, contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration. You may petition the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration to count courses taken in the summer toward this requirement.  No scholarship money will be allocated for summer courses.  A student must be full-time during each of the regular semesters (Fall, Spring). Failure to make adequate progress toward degree may result in the termination of the Herff Engineering Merit Scholarship.   

4. During the first two semesters, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.  Thereafter, the student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher. If the student’s cumulative GPA is below the specified target for any single semester, the scholarship may be terminated. In subsequent semesters, if your GPA achieves the minimum, you may appeal to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration to have your scholarship reinstated. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate this appeal.

5. Your award amount may be adjusted based upon your total award package, and financial aid guidelines.

6. Recipients of the Herff Engineering Merit Scholarship are ineligible to apply for other Herff Engineering private or departmental scholarships, unless they receive permission from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Administration.

7. The specific scholarship fund from which your award is made may change from year-to-year.


Continuing Student Scholarships
The University handles most of the continuing student scholarships through the Tiger Scholarship Management program. You can access the TSM portal through your mymemphis account.


University of Memphis Scholarships
Click here to learn more about University scholarships

Department of Civil Engineering

Shahram Pezeshk, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE
Room 104, Engineering Science Building
(901) 678-4727

Charles V. Camp, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

A minimum grade of "C-" must be earned in all prerequisite courses before registering for a Civil Engineering (CIVL) course. 

Undergraduate and graduate level engineering courses require an additional fee per credit hour.  Enrollment in the Honors Section of a course requires permission of the course instructor.

Click HERE to go to visit the University Course Catalog for B S in Civil Engineering requirements.