Dr. Mihalis M. Golias

Dr. Mihalis M. Golias

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

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Mihalis M. Golias, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor with the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis. He holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Transportation from Rutgers University and a B.S.C.E. from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is the chair of the Standing Committee on Ports and Channels of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), National Academies of Science (NAS); the Associate Director for Research of the Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute and the co-Director of the Biologistics Cluster, FexEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis, and the Associate Director of the Freight Mobility Research Institute at Florida Atlantic University. His teaching and research covers the areas of maritime and freight transportation; physical network vulnerability; capital/operational resource allocation for network improvements; and multi-level multi-criteria decision making.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Civil Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA. Nov. 2007
Master of Science (M.Sc.), Civil Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA. Aug. 2004
B.S.C.E. (5-year program), Civil and Environmental Engineering,  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Hellas. Nov. 2001


  • Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Memphis, 2014-to date
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Memphis, 2009-14
  • Research Associate, Freight and Maritime Program, Rutgers University, 2007-08


  • Associate Director, Freight Mobility Research Institute, Florida Atlantic University (http://eng.fau.edu/research/fmri), 2016-to date
  • Co-Director, Biologistics Cluster FedEx Institute of Technology, University of Memphis (https://www.memphis.edu/fedex/biologistics/),  2015-to date
  • Scientific Advisor, Industrial Sciences Group (ISG), Sydney, Australia (http://www.industrialsciences.com.au/), 2015-to date
  • Affiliated Faculty, Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA , www.cait.rutgers.edu), 2009-to date
  • Director, Civil and Transportation Engineering Board, Kathikas Institute of Research and Technology, Pafos, Cyprus. 2011-14
  • Faculty Associate, Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute University of Memphis, 2009-13


  • Co-Principal, Truck model development for Quayaguil, Ecuador, City of Quayaguil, Ecuador, 2014-15
  • Principal, Railroad safety crossing upgrade at the Village of Elwood, Village of Elwood, IL, USA, 2014-15
  • Principal, Traffic projection evaluation-Illiana Expressway, Village of Elwood, IL, USA, 2013
  • Principal, Evaluation of truck trip generation at (near dock) intermodal rail terminals in LA/LB, Natural Resources Defense Council, Santa Monica, CA, USA, 2011


  • Game theory applications for seaport cooperation, competition, and co-opetition. USDOT/FMRI 2017-18
  • Benchmarking freight lanes and identifying dedicated corridor opportunities. Ryder. 2017
  • USDOT TIER 1: Freight Mobility Research Institute. USDOT (PI from UoM) 2016-22
  • SHRP2 Implementation assistance program: Work zone impacts and strategies estimator (WISE) software (R11). FHWA 2016-18
  • Improving resilience of freight networks in West Tennessee. T-DOT 2017
  • Simulating the INDY FedEx Hub: Phase I & II. Federal Express 2015-16
  • Tennessee SmartPark Pilot. T-DOT. 2016
  • Discovering the vulnerable physical routes in a network. Central Intelligence Agency/Intelligence Community 2014-16
  • A guidebook for best practices on integrated land use and travel demand modeling. T-DOT 2013-14
  • Truck congestion mitigation through freight consolidation in volatile multi-item supply chains. IFTI 2012-13
  • Evaluating the Hours-of-Service rule via GPS truck trip data. T-DOT 2012-13
  • GPS/GIS analysis of Tennessee truck trips. T-DOT 2011-12
  • Simulating the effects of gate strategies in emissions reduction. CFIRE 2010-12
  • A highway-rail grade crossing prioritization model. T-DOT 2011-12

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Asset management optimization. Memphis Area Transit Authority. 2017-18
  • Modeling autonomous vehicle technologies adoption by freight organizations. USDOT/FMRI 2017-18
  • Smart city innovation hub: Phase I-Development of a readiness index. Research Investment Fund, University of Memphis, Division of Research and Sponsored Research Programs 2017-18
  • SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program: User Incentives Using PlanWorks: Better planning. Better projects. (C01). FHWA 2017
  • Identifying cost-effective, high-return, and quickly implementable improvements to address freight congestion and mobility constraints in Tennessee. TDOT 2016-17
  • Assessment of biologistics research and practices: Proposing a cutting-edge research agenda. FedEx Institute of Technology 2016
  • Work zone crash performance data measurement. T-DOT. 2016
  • Latent classes in residence‐workplace location choice and travel behavior study. T-DOT. 2016
  • Assessment of mobility and transit access to captive riders in suburban and rural areas. T-DOT. 2016
  • SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program: Integrating freight considerations into the highway capacity planning process (C15). FHWA 2016-17
  • Re-shoring and its impact on transportation infrastructure & US economy. CFIRE/US DOT 2014-15
  • Addressing MAP-21 freight objectives using GPS data. CFIRE 2014-15
  • Feasibility of public investment in short-line railroads. T-DOT 2014-15
  • Occurrence of primary and secondary crashes: identification, visualization and prediction. T-DOT 2014
  • Performance based guidebook for freight transportation planning. T-DOT 2014
  • Realigning multimodal freight networks in response to international capacity expansion. CFIRE 2012-14
  • Enhancing rail connectivity to underserved rural communities. CFIRE 2012-14
  • Development of an integrated transportation planning and operations model for Memphis-Tennessee. IFTI 2011-12
  • Economic feasibility of public investment in rail freight operations. T-DOT 2010-11
  • A GIS framework for the evaluation of truck restrictions on state highways. IFTI 2009-11
  • Intermodal and trans-modal freight terminals. Continuing education for DOT personnel. T-DOT 2010
  • Transportation engineering education at the University of Memphis: A curriculum reform. IFTI 2009

Research Associate/Assistant

  • Development of a simulation platform to improve productivity and estimate the environmental and economic effects of the operations at marine container terminals. Greek Ministry of Education. (Invited Research Expert) 2012-15
  • Feasibility of freight villages in the NYMTC region. NYMTC, Research Associate. 2007-10
  • Best practice model support project evaluation and testing of regional models-Phase I. NYMTC, Research Associate. 2007-09
  • Using transit to evacuate high density clusters in urban areas-a microsimulation based integrated tool. TCC/FTA, Research Associate. 2007-09
  • Monitoring and modeling drayage operations using GPS enabled phones. Rutgers Pilot Research Project, Research Associate. 2008
  • Ferry parking and landside access. NYMTC, Research Associate. 2007-09
  • Variability of travel times on New Jersey highways. NJ-DOT, Project Manager for Rutgers University. 2007-09
  • Partnership to maximize port industry performance - Integration of port information systems, processing and control equipment, and micro-simulation tools. NSF, Research Associate/Assistant. 2006-09
  • Estimation of the average number of trucks visiting non-residential sites in New Jersey-Phase I. NJ-DEP, Research Assistant. 2006
  • Future of transportation modeling. NJ-DOT, Research Assistant. 2005-06
  • Estimation of truck volumes and flows. NJ-DOT, Research Assistant. 2004-06
  • Holland tunnel entrance and exit consolidation study Tier II screening and feasibility assessment. NJ-DOT. Transportation Engineer. 2004-05
  • Web-based course design and implementation for design and construction of port structures. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Research Assistant. 2000-01


  • Incorporating freight in the planning process. Tennessee Model User Group (2017) (with Mishra S.)
  • Innovations in Freight Data Workshop, Transportation Research Board (2017) (with Mishra S.)
  • Transportation Working Group, Bagley College of Engineering, Mississippi State University (2016)
  • National Rural ITS Conference, Chattanooga (2016) (with Mishra S.)
  • 4th International Transportation Symposium 2016, UNEMI (2016)
  • IC Academic Research Symposium (2015, 2016) (with Higgs B.)
  • Honors Seminar, Department of Mathematics, (Spring, Fall 2015)
  • Graduate Seminar, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Amherst (2014)
  • Tennessee Modeler User Group (2014, 2015) (with Mishra S.)
  • University of Memphis Research Foundation (2014)
  • RITA Speaker Series, U.S. Department of Transportation, (2014) (with Pallme D. and Mishra S.)
  • Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Spring (2014)
  • US Chamber of Commerce Visit at the University of Memphis, (2013)
  • Freight Leadership Academy, Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute, University of Memphis, USA, (2012-16)
  • Freight Operation & Logistics – CGN 6930, Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering. Florida Atlantic University, USA, (2012)
  • City University of New York, USA, (2012)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly, Hellas, (2011)
  • 10th Annual NJDOT Showcase, Atlantic City, NJ, (2008). (with Boilé M., Theofanis S.)
  • 9th Annual NJDOT Showcase, (2007). (with Boilé M., Theofanis S.)
  • International Transportation Management Seminar, CAIT, Rutgers University and the University of Piraeus, Department of Maritime Studies, Piscataway, NJ, (2007) (with Boilé M., Theofanis S.)
  • And Civil Engineering Is? A crash course into the world of a civil engineer. Seminar for freshmen engineers, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, (2007).

Junior/Tenure-Track Faculty

  1. Sabyasachee Mishra, University of Memphis, 2013-16

Research Associates/Post Doctoral Fellows

  1. Talebian A. Post Doctoral Fellow, 2017-18 (co-advise with Mishra S.)
  2. Higgs B., Post Doctoral Fellow, 2014-16 (co-advise with Mishra S. since Summer of 2016)
  3. Dulebenets M., Post Doctoral Fellow, 2015-16 (co-advise with Mishra S.)
  4. Konur D., Post Doctoral Fellow, 2011-12
  5. Flaskou M., Research Associate I, 2015-16 (co-advise with Mishra S.)
  6. Psarros I., Research Associate I, 2012-14 (co-advise with Mishra S.)

Ph.D. Committee Chair

  1. Takhtfiroozeh H., Ph.D., Expected graduation 2020, Topic: TBD
  2. Pujats K., Ph.D., Expected graduation 2019, Topic: Application of Game Theory in Maritime Transportation
  3. Naimi A., Ph.D. 2016, Topic: Robust urban transportation network design
  4. Dulebents M., Ph.D., 2015, Topic: Improving operations in marine transportation

M.Sc. Committee Chair

  1. Giampouranis D., Expected graduation 2020, Topic: TBD
  2. Pujats K., M.Sc., 2016, Topic: Development of freight performance measures using truck GPS data
  3. Flaskou M., M.Sc., 2016, Topic: Analysis of freight corridors using GPS data
  4. Deligiannis N., M.Sc., 2015, Topic: Reliability of physical networks
  5. Boidapu V., M.Sc., 2014, Topic: Rail intermodal container terminal operations
  6. Dulebentz M., M.Sc., 2012, Topic: Highway-rail grade crossing safety
  7. Johnson Z., M.Sc. 2012, Topic: Intermodal freight network performance measures
  8. Karafa J., M.Sc. 2011, Topic: Gate strategies at intermodal marine container terminals

Ph.D. Committee Member

  1. Simpson J., Ph.D., Expected graduation 2021, Topic: TBD
  2. Quddus Md, Mississippi State University, 2018, Topic: Electric vehicle charging station location problems
  3. Maniat, M., Ph.D., Expected graduation 2018, Topic: TBD
  4. Haque K., Ph.D., 2017, Topic: Multi-criteria network design
  5. Osman M., Ph.D., 2016, Topic: Workzone safety
  6. Farshchin M., Ph.D., 2016, Topic: Multi-objective analysis of structures

M.Sc. Committee Member

  1. Simpson J., M.Sc., 2018, Topic: Adoption of technologies in transportation
  2. Bhattarai S. M.Sc., 2018, Topic: Freight network investment
  3. Sultana S. M.Sc., 2017, Topic: Transit planning for rural communities
  4. Sarker A., M.Sc., 2015, Topic: Prediction of secondary crashes
  5. Portal I., M.Sc., Florida Atlantic University, 2013, Topic: Modeling uncertainty of seaside operations at marine container terminals
  6. McElyea J., M.Sc., 2013, Topic: Infrastructure improvements for pedestrian safety
  7. Najmeh J., M.Sc., 2012, Topic: LED traffic signal retrofits
  8. Ji K., M.Sc., 2010, Topic: Truck scheduling at cross-dock facilities
  9. Maguire A. M.Sc., 2010, Topic: Marine container terminals
  10. Dougherty P., M.Sc., Rutgers University, 2010, Topic: Marine container terminals

Undergraduate Research Advisor

  1. Manikonda V M. Truck operations (2017)
  2. Jafari K., Traffic signals optimization (2016-17)
  3. Oppong D. Freight demand modeling (2016-17)
  4. Williams, J. Freight demand modeling (2016-17)
  5. Lambert Daniel-Marks. Various areas of freight transportation (2016)
  6. Coupland R.E. III. Various areas of freight transportation (2016)
  7. Aniglo H. Network performance using truck GPS data (2015-16)
  8. Ariaga A. Network performance using truck GPS data (2015-16)
  9. Senior Design Project Transportation Advisor (Multiple years)



TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Undergraduate (U), Graduate (G))

  1. CIVL 2107 Computational Engineering (U)
  2. CIVL 3161 Transportation Systems Engineering (U)
  3. CIVL 4/6162 Traffic Engineering (U/G)
  4. CIVL 4/6906 Transportation Planning (U/G)
  5. CIVL 4195 Professional Practices (U)
  6. CIVL 4/6907 Quantitative Approaches to Engineering Decision Making (U/G)
  7. CIVL 7/8001 Engineering Analysis (G)
  8. CIVL 7/8162 Transportation Systems Evaluation (G)
  9. CIVL 7/8265 Intermodal Freight Transportation Systems (G)
  10. CIVL 7/8264 Simulation Modeling (G)
  11. CIVL 7/8362 Port Planning Management and Operations
  12. CIVL 7/8261 Traffic Flow Theory (G)
  13. CIVL 7/8268 Transportation Network Flows (G)
  14. CIVL 7/8266 Freight Terminals and Distribution Systems (G)
  15. CIVL 7/8267 Maritime Economics (G)
  16. CIVL 7/8263 Introduction to Numerical Optimization (G)
  17. CIVL 7/8262 Freight Demand Modeling (G)
  18. Special Topics Spatial and Computable General Equilibrium Models (G)


  1. Faculty of Year Award, ASCE Student Chapter, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Memphis 2015-16
  2. First Generation Student Advocate, University of Memphis 2015-16
  3. Biologistics Fellow, FedEx Institute of Technology, University of Memphis 2016,17
  4. Certificate of appreciation, Standing Committee on Ports and Channels Committee (AW010), Outstanding Service as Paper Review Coordinator, TRB, NAS 2013, 15
  5. Memphis-Area Joint Engineers Council Featured Engineer Award 2014
  6. Certificate of appreciation, Standing Committee on Marine Environment Committee (AW030), Outstanding Service as Paper Review Coordinator, TRB, NAS 2014
  7. Outstanding Faculty Research Award, Herff College of Engineering, University of Memphis 2013
  8. Best industrial engineering paper finalist, International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, Montreal, Canada 2009
  9. Student of the year, NJDOT Research Showcase 2007
  10. Geroundelis Foundation Fellow 2006
  11. Eno Transportation Foundation Fellow 2006
  12. GAR Foundation Fellow 2006
  13. Civil and environmental engineering departmental service award, Rutgers University 2005
  14. Student paper competition award, Transportation Research Forum 2005
  15. Louis J. Pignataro transportation engineering education memorial award, Institute of Transportation Engineers Metropolitan New York-New Jersey Section, 2005
  16. Student paper competition award, Institute of Transportation Engineers Metropolitan New York-New Jersey Section 2004

• Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review (2017-19)
• International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (2009-2018)


  • Quick Response Freight Manual Update Panel, Federal Highway Administration, US DOT (2018-)
  • Next Generation Connectivity Working Group. City of Memphis (2017-)
  • American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), Research Advisory Committee (2017-2018)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA)
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
  • Marine Group, Member, TRB, NAS, (2016-to date)
  • Standing Committee on Ports and Channels Committee (AW010), TRB, NAS
    • Chair (2015-2020)
    • Member (2009-2020)
    • Subcommittee on Port Automation, Member (2017-to date)
    • Subcommittee on Port Performance, Member (2017-to date)
  • Student Paper Competition Committee, Vice-Chair (2017-to date)
  • West TN Freight Advisory Board (2013-2016)
  • Tennessee DOT Freight Advisory Committee (2013-2014)
  • Standing Committee on Marine Environmental Committee (AW030), TRB, NAS (2007-15)

Selected Publications (Google Scholar, Research Gate)

  1. Dulebenets M., Golias M.M., Mishra S. (2018) A collaborative agreement for berth scheduling under excessive demand. Journal Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. 69:76-92.
  2. Dadashi* A., Dulebenets M. Golias M.M. Sheikholeslami A. (2017) A continuous berth scheduling model at multiple marine container terminals with tidal considerations. Maritime Business Review. Vol. 2, Issue 2, 142-157.Flaskou* M., Dulebenets* M., Golias M.M.,
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