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Maryam Salehi

About Maryam Salehi, PhD.

Dr. Maryam Salehi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis and earned her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Environmental) from Purdue University in 2017. She obtained her MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of South Alabama, where she earlier conducted her Post Doctoral research. In addition to her studies in Civil Engineering, Dr. Salehi holds BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. degrees in Textile Engineering. She has been conducting multidisciplinary research at the interface of material science and environmental engineering to protect public health, for a decade. Also, she has been applying her expertise in nanotechnology, water chemistry, polymer, and surface science to investigate the contaminant fate within drinking water infrastructure. Dr. Salehi has co-authored several peer-review journal publications and has also presented in many national and international conferences. She is doing engineering and scientific research aimed to understand and predict the sustainability of drinking water infrastructure, and water treatment technologies.


Research Interests

Sustainable Drinking Water Infrastructure
Impact of water conservation technologies on tap water chemical and microbial quality
Heavy metal fate and transport in plastic plumbing materials
Organic contaminant leaching by plastic plumbing materials into water

Contaminant Fate, Transport and Toxicity in Aquatic Environment
Oil spill dispersants fate and freshwater organism's toxicity
Plastic pollution in an aquatic environment

Sustainable Water Treatment Technologies
Electrospun nanofibrous membrane for water treatment
Fouling resistance membrane


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Former Students

Laura Patton, Master of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Memphis, (Fall 2018)
Raymonde Bell, Undergraduate student, Civil Engineering, University of Memphis, (Spring 2019)

Current Master Students

Khashayar Aghili
Tanvir Ahamed

Current PhD Students

Donya Sharafoddinzadeh
Md Hadiuzzaman

Post Doctoral Research Students

Dave DeSimone


CIVL 8903, Specific Topics on Water Chemistry
CIVL 3140, Environmental Systems Engineering
CIVL 6143, Physical/Chemical Treatment of Water