Dr. Paul Palazolo

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

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Engineering Science Building - Room 108A
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About Dr. Paul Palazolo

Palazolo holds a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology (1998) and a MS and a BS in Civil Engineering from Memphis State University (1976 and 1974). He has been on the faculty of the Department of Civil Engineering since the fall of 1998. He has served the Herff College of Engineering as the Director of Recruiting and Retention, the Assistant Dean for Recruiting and Retention, and the Associate Dean for Recruiting, Outreach, and Retention. His academic experience includes teaching assignments at Christian Brothers College (University), Georgia Tech, and the University of Alabama. His professional experiences include working as a engineer with the Memphis Consulting firm Environmental Testing and Consulting, with the City of Memphis Department of Public Works, the United States Army Corps of Engineers Memphis Branch, and the Ground Water Institute at the University of Memphis. Dr. Palazolo's research interests have included industrial waste treatment, biological waste treatment, constructed wetlands, solid waste management, floodplain modeling, artificial intelligence applications in environmental engineering, and engineering education. He is a retired professional engineer licensed in the state of Tennessee. He teaches undergraduate courses primarily focused on the core Civil Engineering curriculum.

Dr. Palazolo is currently a member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and has held numerous offices in the organization at both the regional and national level. He has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Water Pollution Control Federation (WPCF, now the WEF), the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is a member of the Order of the Engineer.

Research Interests

Engineering Education

• Development of supporting materials for core engineering courses.
• Development of online course materials for asynchronous course presentation.
• Artificial Intelligence
• Integration of AI methods and tools in the solution and design of engineering applications


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Current and Previous Students

Parsa Pezeshk (PhD – 2016)
Gabrialla D'Otro (PhD – 2012)


Courses Taught as Assistant/Associate Professor
• Introduction to Civil Engineering
• Civil Engineering Measurements
• Civil Engineering Analysis
• Civil Engineering Visualization
• Civil Engineering Computation
• Numerical Methods
• Statics
• Mechanics of Materials and Lab
• Dynamics
• Civil Engineering Hydraulics
• Hydraulics and Hydrology Lab
• Hydraulics and Hydrology
• Advanced Hydrology
• Environmental Engineering Systems
• Biological Waste Treatment
• Air Pollution Systems
• Box-Jenkins Modeling for Industrial Systems


Teaching Honors and Awards

• 2008, Outstanding Conference Paper, ASEE-SE Regional Meeting, Memphis, TN
• 2007, Outstanding Civil Engineering Educator, ASCE State Section, Meeting, Smyrna, TN
• 2003, Outstanding teaching Award, Herff College of Engineering
• 2002, ASCE Student Chapter Faculty Member of the Year, University of Memphis
• 2001, Glen L. Martin Best Paper Award, ASEE Civil Engineering Division, ASEE National Conference