Shelby Crosby

Associate Professor, Coordinator of African American Literature

Patterson 423
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Shelby Crosby


B.A., 1997, Morehead State University
M.A., 2002, State University of New York at Buffalo
Ph.D., 2007, State University of New York at Buffalo

Academic Summary

Dr. Crosby's research spans mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century African American literature, representations of womanhood (particularly black womanhood), and critical race theory. It threads together critical race, black feminism, and literary historical frameworks to interrogate an American national story. Dr. Crosby is currently working on a book manuscript that examines the pervasive derogatory ideologies of black womanhood. Using black feminist theory to ground the text, she will examine such authors as Frederick Douglass, Williams Wells Brown, and Martin Delany, arguing that, through their adoption of traditional demarcations of white womanhood, black women are further pushed to the margins of American society.

Select Publications

  • Crosby, Shelby and Terrence Tucker. "Afrofuturism: Past, Present, and Beyond." Special issue of CLA Journal 65.1. (March 2022. 
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