English Course Descriptions

Here you will find more information about which classes we are offering, what books you will need for your classes, and a preview about what you will study in your English classes. This list is updated regularly, so check back often.

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*this schedule is subject to change.

Course Course Title Instructor Time
1010.E01 English Composition- Developmental Amster, Irene MW 8:00 & TR 8:00
1010.E14 English Composition- Developmental  Compton, Michael  MW 12:40 & TR 1:00
1010.M50 English Composition Online  Verbist, Calen  WEB
1020.026 English Comp/Analysis Wilson, Lakeitha MWF 10:20
1020.M50 English Comp/Analysis Online  Verbist, Calen  WEB
1020.301 English Comp/Analysis Honors Barlow, Greg  MW 12:40
2201.003 Literary Heritage Cantrell, Rachel  MWF 9:10
2201.004 Literary Heritage- LGBTQ+ Literature Myers, Nina  TR 9:40
2201.301 Literary Heritage Honors  Cervone, Cristina  MW 12:40
2201.M53 Literary Heritage Online Powers, Rhonda  WEB
2202.001 Literary Heritage: African American Literature Hayes, Paula  MWF 8:00
2202.301 Literary Heritage: African American Literature Honors Wilson, Lakeitha  MWF 
2202.M50 Literary Heritage: African American Literature Online Bibbs, Maria WEB
3210.001 British Lit to 1750 (Honors Embedded) Domingo, Darryl MW 2:20
3210.002 British Lit to 1750 Rodrigues, Don TR 1:00
3212.001 16th Century British Literature Rodrigues, Don TR 2:40
3220.001 British Lit Since 1750 Mickalites, Carey MW 12:40
3220.002 British Lit Since 1750 Tabachnick, Steven TR 11:00
3220.M50 British Lit Since 1750 Online  Gal, Grace WEB
3325.001 Af/Am Lit Through Harlem Renaissance Baaki, Brian MWF 10:20
3326.001 Af/Am Lit After Harlem Renaissance  Schultz, Kathy Lou TR 11:20
3326.M50 Af/Am Lit After Harlem Renaissance Online  Tucker, Terrence WEB
3327.001 American Lit to 1865 Scraba, Jeff TR 1:00
3327.002 American Lit to 1865 (Honors Embedded) Britt, Theron  TR 9:40
3327.M50 American Lit to 1865 Online Harris, Donal WEB
3329.001 Major Authors in American Literature  Britt, Theron  TR 11:20
3401.001 Children's Lit Jones, Tammy TR 9:40
3401.002 Children's Lit  Cohoon, Lori MWF 11:30
3401.003 Children's Lit  Dice, Cathy  TR 1:00
3403.001 Mythic Backgrounds in Literature  Phillips, Josh  TR 11:20
3501.M50 Modern English Grammar Online  Ghanem, Romy WEB
3601.001 Technical and Prof Writing TBA MW 12:40
3601.002 Technical and Prof Writing Lane, Elizabeth  TR 1:00
3601.M50 Technical and Prof Writing Online  Duffy, Will WEB
3603.001 Engineering Communication Kim, Loel  MWF 11:30
3603.002 Engineering Communication Kim, Loel MWF 10:20
3603.004 Engineering Communication Willis, Sharese TR 1:00
3603.005 Engineering Communication  Willis, Sharese  TR 11:20
3604.002 Persuasive Writing McAdon, Brad TR 9:40
3604.004 Persuasive Writing  Sundvall, Scott  MW 2:20
3604.M50 Persuasive Writing Online  Verbist, Calen  WEB
3606.001 Poetry Writing Wicker, Marcus MW 12:40
3606.002 Poetry Writing  TBA TR 9:40
3607.001 Fiction Writing Santo, Courtney  TR 1:00
3607.002 Fiction Writing TBA  MWF 10:20
3607.003 Fiction Writing  Schlich, Eric  MWF 11:30 
3608.001 Creative Nonfiction Writing  TBA TR 11:20 
4372.001 Af/Am Authors/Harlem Renaissance  Crosby, Shelby  MW 12:40
4373.M50 Af/Am Authors Since Harlem Renaissance Online  Menson-Furr, Ladrica  WEB
4431.001 Contemporary Literature  Mickalites, Carey  MW 2:40 
4442.001 Studies in World Literature  Scraba, Jeff TR 2:40
4530.001 Practicum in ESL TBA TBA
4531.001 Methods and Techniques in ESL Fogle, Lyn  TR 9:40
4531.002 Methods and Techniques in ESL TBA MW 12:40
4531.M52 Methods and Techniques in ESL Online Fuentes, Ron  WEB
4532.M50 Skills/App/Assess ESL Online  Dalle, Teresa WEB
4599.001 Forms of Creative Nonfiction  Bolin, Alice  TR 2:40
4601.001 Poetry Workshop Wicker, Marcus MW 2:20 
4603.001 Fiction Workshop Holladay, Cary TR 2:40
4/6619.M50 Web Design/Online Writing Online  Lane, Liz WEB
4625.001 History of Rhetoric McAdon, Brad TR 11:20
4/6243.001 Studies in British Literature  Domingo, Darryl  MW 12:40
4/6533.001 ESL/EFL in Multicultural Settings  Thrush, Emily  TR 2:40
7/8230.001 Chaucer  Cervone, Cristina  T 5:30
7/8294.001 Studies in 19th Century American Lit Cohoon, Lorinda M 5:30
7/8330.001 Af/Am Lit 1840-1900 Crosby, Shelby  W 5:30
7/8336.001 Af/Am Literary Theory  Tucker, Terrence  MW 2:20 
7/8391.001 American Novel  Harris, Donal  R 5:30
7/8471.001 Forms of Fiction Schlich, Eric  M 1-4
7/8473.001 Verbal/Visual Texts  Tabachnick, Stephen  TR 1:00
7475.001 Literary Publishing  Santo, Courtney  W 5:30 
7/8514.M50 Sociolinguistics Online  Graham, Sage WEB
7/8516.001 Phonetics and Phonology  Ghanem, Romy  R 5:30 
7/8531.001 Theory/History of ESL Fuentes, Ron  T 5:30
7/8532.M50 Theory/Skills/Assess in ESL Online  Dalle, Teresa WEB
7/8534.001 Second Language Acquisition   Fogle, Lyn  W 1-4
7/8536.M50 Second Language Writing Online Thrush, Emily  WEB
7601.001 Creative Nonfiction Workshop Bolin, Alice  T 5:30
7602.001 Fiction Workshop Holladay, Cary  R 5:30
7603.001 Poetry Workshop Wicker, Marcus M 5:30
7/8702.001 Contemporary Critical Theory Britt, Theron R 5:30
7/8801.001 History of Composition Jones, Joseph  M 5:30
7/8805.001 Foundations of Writing Studies  Sundvall, Scott W 5:30
7900.001 Creative Writing Colloquium  Bolin, Alice TBA
8900.001 English Studies Colloquium Scraba, Jeff TBA