Thank you for your interest in the undergraduate programs in the Department of English. We are one of the most popular major choices for University of Memphis students, so you know you are in good company when you study English with us. Our program is diverse and versatile, with six different concentrations and a variety of classes available.



English majors chose from one of the six following concentrations:
African American Literature
Creative Writing
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Applied Linguistics
Professional Writing

Online Degree Programs

Students can also earn an online BA in African American Literature and Professional Writing.

For more information about online degrees as well as other online course offerings, visit the Online Degree Program page.

NOTE: TN eCampus (formerly RODP) classes (.R01, .R50, .R25, etc.) classes are not administered by the Department of English. Speak with your advisor before signing up for these classes to make sure they fit into your degree program.

Minor in English

Strengthen your degree with a second major or minor in English. To minor in English, you must complete 12 hours of Upper Division English classes (Note: ENGL 3500 and ENGL 3603 do not count toward the minor).