Joseph Jones

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Patterson 459
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Joseph Jones


Ph.D., University of Arizona

Academic Summary

Joseph Jones teaches a range of undergraduate writing courses as well as graduate seminars in contemporary composition theories and pedagogies, histories of rhetoric and composition, and writing assessment. His primary scholarship focuses on historicizing English teaching and curricula. He has directed the First-Year Writing program, served as the department's assessment coordinator, and currently serves as Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Select Publications

  • “James Moffett’s Ineffable.” In Toward a Re-Emergence of James Moffett’s Mindful, Spiritual, and Student-Centered Pedagogy, edited by Jonathan Marine, Paul Rogers, Sheridan Blau, and Kathleen Kelly. Peter Lang, 2023, pp. 83-94.
  • “Location, Delivery, and the Historical Divide between School and College English.” In The Dual Enrollment Kaleidoscope: Reconfiguring Perceptions of First-Year Writing and Composition Studies, edited by Christine Deneker and Casie Moreland. UP of Colorado, 2022, pp. 52-67.
  • "'Making the Devil Useful': Audio-Visual Aids and the Teaching of Writing." On the Blunt Edge: An Introduction to Technology in Our Pedagogy and History. Ed. Shane Borrowman. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press, 2012: 85-97.
  • "The Beginnings of AP and the Ends of College Writing." College Credit for Writing in High School: The "Taking Care of" Business. Eds. Kristine Hansen and Christine Farris. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 2010: 43-67.
  • "Students Using Wireless Technology to Build Connections in a First-Year Learning Community." (with Loel Kim, Susan Popham, Emily Thrush, Donna Daulton). Going Wireless: A Critical Exploration of Wireless and MobileTechnologies for Composition Teachers and Scholars. Ed. Amy Kimme Hea. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton, 2008.
  • "Muted Voices: High School Teachers, Composition, and the College Imperative." The Writing Instructor. September 2007. (
  • "Rhetorical Analysis and the Challenge of Argument." Tennessee English Journal 17 (October 2006): 31-37.
  • "Review: Working Out Our History." (with Thomas P. Miller). College English 67.4 (March 2005): 421-439.
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  • "Recomposing the AP English Exam." English Journal 91.1 (September 2001): 51-56.