Dean Clement

Assistant Professor of Teaching

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PT 416
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B.A., University of Mississippi, 2005- Literature
M.A., University of Montana, 2009- Literature
PhD., University of South Carolina, 2015- Renaissance English Literature


Academic Summary

William Dean Clement specializes in seventeenth-century English literature, specifically the intersection of imaginative literature, political philosophy, and the Bible. Working at the crossroads of these fields, Dr. Clement's research studies the rich intellectual exchange of ideas during the proto-Enlightenment. Dr. Clement's current project, tentatively titled Paradise Out of the Whirlwind: John Milton and the Book of Job, examines how the Bible's most heterodox book complicates and confounds the work of the period's premier poet.

Select Publications

"L(E)arned Empowerment: Memorizing Shakespeare for First Generation Students." Early Modern Culture. Forthcoming, June 2019.

"Paradise Lost and the Political Problem of Chaos." Studies in English Literature: 1500-1900. Forthcoming, Winter 2020.