American Marketing Association University of Memphis Collegiate Chapter

AMA UofM is dedicated to empowering students through their marketing journey. We do this through access to resources, networking opportunities, and professional development. Our goal is for student marketers to learn, grow, and connect through speakers, events and networking opportunities that promote education and marketing excellence. 



The mission of The University of Memphis Student Chapter of the American Marketing Association is to create a welcoming marketing-based community for students by increasing our understanding in the marketing field, providing professional development and building marketing skills.


The purpose of the University of Memphis American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association shall be: 

  • To enhance student networks and enhance job placement opportunities 
  • To develop better public understanding and appreciation of marketing problems; 
  • To improve marketing personnel; 
  • To encourage and uphold sound, honest practices, and to keep marketing operations on a high ethical plane
  • To promote friendly relations among students, faculty, and business community. 


  • To develop and implement new strategies for recruitment, member retention, internal and external communication, board succession, financial and social media content creation for the upcoming board.
  • Rebuild and rebrand this student chapter among university students who are interested in marketing.
  • Promote events and speakers during the academic year through local community connections and those that would best serve our members.
  • Develop a strong community service partnership for the years to come. 


  • Strive to incorporate professional development events and workshops for our members as well as potential members that will allow The University of Memphis students the ability to grow before stepping into their marketing careers.
  • Present opportunities for our members to connect with peers at the university who are also interested in the marketing field. These opportunities for example will include posting industry insights, news articles, other American Marketing Association conferences and webinars, as well as resume or LinkedIn workshops to name a few.
  • Continue the tradition of speaker and agency events to introduce students to real life marketing experiences.
  • Professional development events to promote member activity in the local business communities and in the professional chapter of the American Marketing Association.


The association is governed by a constitution that establishes the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, who are the officers of the association.  Officers must be members in good standing and declared marketing major students taking at least six (6) hours during the regular semesters of their tenure.

In addition to the officers, the association will have Vice President positions to perform specific functions of the organization.  The Vice President positions will include, but not be limited to the following positions:

  • Programs and Events
  • Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Membership
  • Website
  • Campus/Community Relations

The officers and the Vice Presidents will make up an Executive Board for decision making purposes of the organization.


Membership shall be open to students of any major who are interested in marketing and any other individuals who are approved by the executive board. 

Any individual approved for chapter membership must become a member of the American Marketing Association national organization.

Requirements to Join Student American Marketing Association Chapter:

  • Express interest in marketing and join events
  • Sign up for the Undergrad National AMA membership using the link below: https://bit.ly/321negx
  • Send a screenshot of your membership acceptance email to umemphis.sma@gmail.com
  • Request to join TigerZone and Closed Facebook Group
    1.  TigerZone: https://memphis.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/ama
    2.  Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/321nQTn