Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose of CRESH? Inspire pre-collegiate students to consider a science research education and learn about the impact of science and research on our community.

Q2. Is previous research experience required? No.  CRESH seeks to provide the initial research experience.

Q3. What grade level is eligible? Juniors or Seniors

Q4. What coursework is prerequisite? Math (ex. Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry) and sciences (ex. Chemistry, Physics, and Biology)

Q5. What is the qualifying Grade/GPA? Minimum of a B in math and science courses

Q6. From what area are students recruited? Commutable distance to UofM campus

Q7. Is there a required essay? Yes, a career essay explaining why and how the CRESH program can help them in their future

Q8. Are recommendations required? Yes, three letters of recommendation

Q9. What is the cost? The cost of the program is a) $1,500 fee and b) 6 weeks of your summer.  Financial aid is available (download Financial Aid form).

Q10.What does program fee cover? Lunch tickets for every day, printing of the student’s research poster, lab materials, parking pass, program T-shirt and participation in the professional lecture series 

Q11. What about refunds? What if I must cancel? Information will be provided on the day of registration. Please contact the program director for details.

Q12.  How can I apply? First you must have an endorsement from your high school counselor.  Then download the application form, fill it out and email or fax it to

Q13. What are the dates and times? The CRESH program will run from (Summer 2015 dates to be announced).

Q14.  How will CRESH benefit me? Participants will experience what it is like to engage in research on a professional level. The students will potentially make lasting connections for career networking at the UofM and beyond. Completion of the program will be documented with a certificate and research poster.  The poster will be showcased on the program website for all to see.

Q15. How long are students expected to remain on campus during the day? 9am-5pm daily

Q16. What about transportation? Students responsible for their own transportation

If your questions have not been answered, please contact the Director:

Dr. Firouzeh Sabri | | 901-678-2126