Arriving in Memphis

You should arrive in the United States no more than 30 days prior to the start of your program.

Before your arrival, you should have plans in place for housing, transportation from the airport and other immediate needs.

Temporary Housing Options:

  • The Holiday Inn is located on the main campus at 3700 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111. Rates start at $139/night. Please call 901.678.8200 for more information.
  • Conference Housing accommodations are available from late May through early August for both on- and off-campus groups seeking affordable housing, excellent dining services, and a variety of meeting areas located both indoors and outdoors on campus. Summer Conference Housing is available in two residence halls, located on the main campus: Centennial Place & Living Learning Center. Contact or call 901.678.5000 for more information.

Housing Options:

  • Adult and Commuter Services provides an Off-Campus Housing Database that simplifies the off-campus housing search process for students. This database provides off-campus housing listings, roommates, sublets, furniture, educational resources (sample leases, safety checklists, roommate agreements) and links to local resources (utility setup, public transportation, city/county government, etc.). Access the database by going to
  • Properties Near the University of Memphis
    • The Stratum is located at 510 South Highland Street, Memphis, TN 38111 and is a 5-minute walk to campus! Apartments come in studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom options. Rates start at $559/month for a 4-bedroom, 2-bath apartment.
    • Gather on Southern is located at 3655 Southern Ave, Memphis, TN 38111 and is a 1-minute walk to campus. Apartments come in studio, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom options. Rates start at $619 for a 4-bedroom, 4-bath apartment.
    • Highland Row is located at 395 South Highland Street, Memphis, TN 38111 and is a 7-minute walk to campus. Apartments come in studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom options. Rates start at $985 for a studio apartment.
    • The Nine is located at 3565 Mynders Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111. Apartments come in 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom options. Rates start at $650 for a 4-bedroom, 4-bath apartment.

Reminder: You should not pay a deposit or sign a lease until you have seen the apartment and where it is located.


Transportation in the United States is primarily automobile-based, which may be different from the preferred method of transportation in your home country. If you plan to drive a car while you are here, you should consider if you meet certain conditions. These conditions include having a valid driver's license from your home country and an International Driving Permit.

Depending on your personal preference and available travel plans, you may travel to Memphis by the following ways:
Memphis International Airport (MEM)

  • Amtrak Train Station
  • Greyhound Bus Station
  • Driving from another city

You should inform International Student Services (ISS) of your plans by emailing, including the date, time and location of your arrival. The ISS Office will arrange to have a volunteer pick you up and bring you to the University of Memphis Main Campus, where they will help the you get your campus ID and check the you into your dormitory. You will be given further information regarding events for international students after your arrival.

For more information regarding border security and customs, please visit the Department of Homeland Security at

The I-94 Form

The form I-94 is a border crossing item for all international visitors to the U.S. In most cases it can be accessed online. The form I-94 also lists the official category (F-1, J-1, H1B, etc) that an individual has been labeled at the time of their entry to the U.S.

The form I-94 should show the your admission to the U.S. for the duration of your status, abbreviated as "D/S," which represents the period that an F-1 student will be enrolled in a full course of study or taking part in Practical Training.

The form I-94 is required to apply for a social security number or driver's license.

Find more information about the form I-94 by visiting