General Accounting

General Accounting is responsible for the verification and maintenance of transactions processed through the Banner Finance system from external sources. The department handles the processing of month-end close, year-end close, transfer vouchers, FUPLOAD, wire transfers and check deposits.  

Secure Data Upload

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Departmental Information

Mailing Address:
275 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 901.678.2271  |  E-mail: accounting@memphis.edu 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I send to the accounting@memphis.edu inbox?

  • Transfer Vouchers
  • De-obligation of Travel Purchase Orders
  • Travel Purchase Orders Inquiries
  • Wire Payment Requests - International Bank Accounts Only
  • W8-BEN/W8-BENE
  • Check Deposit Inquiries
  • Month End Close Inquiries
  • Year End Close Inquires

When do I use a Transfer Voucher or FUPLOAD?

To reclass expenses from one FOAPAL to another or to allocate expenses for cost that has occurred but shared among different departments.

What is the difference between a Transfer Voucher and FUPLOAD?

A Transfer Voucher is a manual entry of no more than six (6) records of debit and credit transactions in the accounting books to reclass or allocate expenses between departments.

Send request for Transfer Vouchers to accounting@memphis.edu.

A FUPLOAD is an automated entry of eight (8) or more records of debit and credit transactions in the accounting books to reclass or allocate expenses between departments.

Send request for FUPLOAD to fupload@memphis.edu.

Who should you contact if an error is discovered and needs to be corrected in the general ledger?

Please email us at accounting@memphis.edu .

What is the timeframe for completing a Transfer Voucher or FUPLOAD?

Request must be within date range of current fiscal year. Reclasses for prior or subsequent fiscal years are not allowed.

What is the processing time for Transfer Voucher or FUPLOAD?

Your request will be processed by month end close of the current period of when the request was received.

What is the month end close deadline for submitting Transfer Vouchers or FUPLOAD?

An email is sent monthly with the Accounting Month-End Deadlines or check the website for month end close deadlines.

Please email accounting@memphis.edu to be added to the distribution list.

Why can I not reclass a Salary Expense Account on a Transfer Voucher or FUPLOAD Form?

Salary Expense Accounts with the exception of Employee Discounts and Fee Waivers (62710, 62720, 62750, and 62760) must be submitted on a Salary Redistribution Form.

Please send request to Financial Accounting and Reporting email at bffin@memphis.edu.

Can Budget Pool Accounts be used on a Transfer Voucher or FUPLOAD Form?

Posting cannot be made to Budget Pool Accounts (73000, 74000, 78000). Please contact Financial Planning regarding a Budget Revision for Budget Pool Accounts at fprevisions@memphis.edu.

How do I request a new international vendor UID and an international wire transfer request?


  1. W-8 BEN Form
  2. Passport ID with Photo
  3. Visa
  4. Invoice or Source Document
  5. Travel dates (I-94 Travel History)
  6. Social Security Number (if individual has one) or ITIN
  7. Wire Transfer Form
  8. Supporting bank document or statement from banking institution (verification of account information)


  1. W-8 BEN-E Form
  2. Invoice or Source Document
  3. Wire Transfer Form

Non-Profit Organizations:

  1. W-8 XP Form
  2. Invoice or Source Document
  3. Wire Transfer Form

Send the above information to accounting@memphis.edu. Please be mindful that wire transfer payments could take longer to process (than our regular payments) as there are several departments involved in the approval process.

How do I deposit a check?

Please bring the completed Deposit Authorization Form with the check to the Accounting Office at 275 Administration Building, Memphis, TN 38152.  The Accounting Office will approve the form and submit it to the USBS Office for deposit. The USBS Office will not accept a Deposit Authorization Form without the Accounting Office approval.