Campus Visit Open Houses

Interested in exploring campus more before or after your tour? We are now offering meetings with select campus departments! Adding an open house or facility tour is the perfect way to make the most of your visit to campus. 

Please note that we are only able to offer a select number of open houses through our Campus Visit Program, but if you would like to meet with departments that are not listed (or on a different date than offered), you are welcome to set up a meeting with them separately. The admissions office is only able to coordinate open houses listed on our Campus Visit Program registration form. 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about adding to your campus visit experience! 

  1. Which open houses can I register to meet with through the Campus Visit Program? We offer open houses below on specific days. See below for our campus meetings offerings by date for the summer (May-August 2022).
    • Engineering at 11:15am
    • Engineering at 11:15am
    • Business at 11:15am 
    • Health Sciences at 12:30pm
    • Engineering at 11:15am
    • Housing at 12:30pm
    • Engineering at 11:15am
    • ARMY ROTC at 11:15am 
    • Engineering at 11:15am
  2. How do I add a open house meeting during my Campus Visit? Be sure to register for a meeting on the Campus Visit Program tour registration form by clicking the date you will be attending as well as the open houses you want to schedule. You will be sent a separate confirmation for your additional meeting/tour (at least 24 hours prior to your event from the department).
  3. How many open houses can I schedule through the Campus Visit Program? You are able to schedule as many as you would like as long as the open houses do not overlap and are all offered the same day as your tour.
  4. What can I expect of the campus meetings? You can expect to meet with a representative for about 30-45 minutes to learn more about the department. Feel free to bring a list of questions! If you choose Housing, you will be touring the facility.
  5. What if I want to meet with a department that is not listed on the Campus Visit Program registration form? No problem! We only offer a select number of open houses through our campus tour registration, but this does not mean you can’t meet with anyone else on campus. Feel free to reach out to the department directly to set up a meeting. Our 9:30am tour ends at 11:15 and our 1:30pm tour ends at 3:15pm. Browse the list below or search the University of Memphis Directory for your department contact and email to ask for an in-person or Zoom meeting. Be sure to include the preferred date and time, and contact representatives at least one week prior to your visit, preferably earlier!
  6. What if the department I want to meet with is listed on the campus tour registration form but not on the date I want to tour campus? Feel free to reach out to the department to request a meeting. Our 9:30 am tour ends at 11:15 and our 1:30 pm tour ends at 3:15 pm. Feel free to search the www.memphis.edu website for your department contact and email to set up an in-person or Zoom meeting. 


Department  Department Contact   Visit Contact 
College of Arts and Sciences  Cody Clinton   


College of Communication and Film  Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre   Wendy.Atkins-Sayre@memphis.edu 
College of Professional and Liberal Studies  Laura Robbins   lbrbbins@memphis.edu 
College of Nursing  Dr. Jeremy Whittaker    The College of Nursing is not offering any building tours at this time. 
School of Public Health Debra Bartelli   dbrtelli@memphis.edu 
First Scholars and Opportunity Scholars Jaclyn Rodriguez    Jpsavell@memphis.edu