Dr. Susan Onstine

Dr. Suzanne L. Onstine

Associate Professor of Egyptology & Ancient History

Mitchell Hall 101
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MA and PhD in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations from the University of Toronto [concentration in Egyptian art and archaeology]

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Current Research Project

TT 16; the tomb of Panehsy in Dra abu el-Naga, Luxor, Egypt

In 2007 I was awarded an ARCE fellowship to study the tomb of Panehsy, a man who held the unusual title of "overseer of the chanters of the offering table of Amun". During my doctoral research I discovered very few men who were chanters - as opposed to the innumerable women who were chantresses in cult ceremonies. I was therefore hopeful that an investigation of the largest monument of one such man would shed some light on the title and the duties associated with being a chanter/chantress. In two subsequent seasons I continued this research as a full scale epigraphic project, documenting the beautiful painted relief and the many inscriptions on the walls. The image at the top of this page of Panehsy and his wife Tarenu is from the rear wall of their tomb. As the epigraphic phase draws to a close we are preparing for conservation and cleaning in the tomb. If you would like to contribute to this project, tax-deductible donations can be made through the University of Memphis. For details, please e-mail me.


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Currently I serve as the faculty mentor for the Epsilon Nu chapter of Phi Alpha Theta and for the Egyptology Graduate Students Association [EGSA]. Both are official RSOs at the University and sponsor lectures and social activities for students. EGSA has a Facebook group you can join if you are a UM student in Egyptology.

Previously taught classes:

1110 World Civilizations I: prehistory to 1500 AD

3320 The Ancient World

4063/6063 Ancient Nubia

4320/6320 Ancient Near East

4323/6323 Egypt of the Pharaohs

7320/8320 Women and Gender in the Ancient World

7320/8320 Social History

7320/8320 Predynastic Egypt

7070/8070 Religion in Ancient Egypt

7070/8070 Social History