Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

  • Job shadow leaders in their Army National Guard (ARNG)/United States Army Reserve (USAR) unit and get hands-on management and leadership training

  • Attend weekend drill/annual training

  • Get paid as an E-5; wear cadet rank at training (cadet 2nd Lieutenant)


  • Eligible to federal (ARNG and USAR) and state (ARNG only) tuition assistance
    • In order to use these benefits, SMP cadets must be non-scholarship or using their scholarship towards Room and Board

  • Eligible for in-state tuition

  • Eligible for training opportunities and school slots from both the ROTC program and ARNG/USAR

  • Eligible for Guard Recruiting Assistance Program benefits

  • Eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits, if the SMP cadet completed basic training

  • Eligible to all applicable ARNG/USAR benefits of a service member

Cadets can participate in SMP and still access into Active Duty, although there are some limitations


  • At least sophomore status

  • Eligible to contract in the ROTC program

  • Eligible for enlistment in the ARNG/USAR

Enlisted Soldiers who are eligible to contract in the ROTC program can also participate in SMP