Fall 2022 Outstanding Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Project Award

The BME Advisory Board selected Team ZMU and their design for eye-tracking glasses for use in detecting dyslexic reading patterns the Fall 2022 Outstanding Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Award. Team ZMU student members were Umiko Jones, James Manzo and Kian Ziai and the team was mentored by BME Faculty member, Dr. Amy Curry. 

Their design involved a custom design frames with cameras built into to the frame in front of the glass lenses to track eye movements. Eye movement output is sent to cell phone or other device to displaying patterns and for assessing movement associated with dyslexia. Device may be used with children, teens or young adults. The impact of the device will affect those who experience dyslexia. The team hopes this device will help to improve the already existing knowledge of dyslexia and as well as giving children the head start they need with reading as well as assisting misdiagnosed/undiagnosed teens/adults to improve their reading.

ZMU Eyeglass Design