Sarah Brasher named 2023 Outstanding BME Grad Student

Sarah Brasher is our outstanding graduate student who just completed her Master's degree in Spring 2023. Sarah has been instrumental in different roles she played as a graduate student. She joined the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRIS) Lab in June 2021, and pursued research on studying the impact of iron and fat particle sizes on R2* estimation for assessment of hepatic iron overload and steatosis using MRI. In a span of 2 years, she has presented her research findings at the International MRI conference (ISMRM) and has published a review article. Apart from research, Sarah has an exceptional GPA of 3.98 for her Master's degree. She has helped as a teaching assistant for Medical Measurements Lab and assisted students with the lab exercises, sometimes staying beyond lab hours when needed to make sure the students have completed their labs. She also mentored 2 undergraduate students in the MRIS lab on building imaging phantoms for their research projects. Sarah is very organized and has excellent communication skills and work ethic. Congratulations, Sarah!

Sarah Brasher at award ceremony