BME undergraduates Farraday Johnson and Jalyssa Smith take top SRF honors

Farraday Johnson from Dr. Carl Herickhoff's lab won 1st place at the 2024 UofM Student Research Forum for her work entitled "Simulation of a Novel 2D Array Transducer Design for Transcranial Doppler Signal Acquisition"; this work is supported by Dr. Herickhoff's recent NIH award.

Jalyssa Smith from Dr. Amy Curry's lab won 2nd place for her work entitled "Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation Parameters Affect the Induced E-field and Volume of Activated Cortical Tissue"; this work is supported by an NIH grant on which Dr. Curry is a co-principal investigator with colleagues from UTHSC.

Congratulations, Farraday and Jalyssa!

BME undergrads take top honors at 2024 Student Research Forum