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Fitness is my passion. I started my workout journey on my own, trying to build muscle and lose fat. I struggled, didn't have any direction and only received little results until I started working with a personal trainer. Ever since I invested in a personal trainer, my life has changed drastically! I've gained muscle, lost fat—and most importantly—I started to learn my body. I learned that nutrition played a big role towards my body transformation.

After doing my research, gaining knowledge and with the help of my personal trainer, I got deep into my passion for fitness and I started discovering more and unlocking my mindset. I became more confident, got in tune with my body, stayed consistent and disciplined, and I saw my transformation. As of this day, when I workout I'm not just going to the gym to lift weights, I focus on the movement of the exercises, what muscles are being engaged and how they are activating. That's that mind-to-muscle connection that will help anybody reach their goals.

Now it's time to share my knowledge and motivate those who want to change—not just by losing fat or building muscle, but build confidence in every aspect of life. Health is Wealth!

Fun fact about training with me is that my cool, motivating personality makes you think you've known me all your life. Best believe we are going to put that work in, but we going to have fun while doing it—this is our playground! My training is never the same, which makes it an adventure and motivates you want to continue to the next level...the next level...and the next level. I specialize in circuit training, calisthenics, strength training, HIIT, cardio, hybrid training...we do it all! I guarantee you that it will 100% be worth it. 💪  Let's go, lets get it!!!


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