Do: Live it

Trying to make contacts and create a  professional network? Want to make a good first impression? We can provide you with the skills to successfully navigate the early years of your career. 

  • Update your professional documents (resumes, cover letters, statements of purpose, etc.) and submit them on TigerLink Powered by Handshake.
  • Consistently search for job opportunities on TigerLink Powered by Handshake, LinkedIn, Indeed, and other career-related platforms.
  • Attend Career Fairs and other networking events to evaluate opportunities and make new connections.
  • Enhance your interviewing skills through mock interviews, workshops, and LinkedIn Learning courses.
  • Schedule an appointment with your career specialist to evaluate your plan and set goals.
  • Broaden your network by reaching out to alumni, increasing presence on professional online networks, and joining organizations within your industry.
  • Secure strong recommendations from faculty and supervisors.
  • Evaluate job and/or graduate school options.