Professional Dress for Women

The following provides general guidelines for professional attire for women:


  • Dark suits are generally considered the most professional (Blue, black, gray, or muted patterned)
  • A suit is defined by a matching jacket and skirt or trouser
  • In conservative work environments, a skirt suit is considered most professional
  • Skirt should be no shorter than 1 inch above knee cap
  • Avoid extreme split in skirt


  • Blouse should generally be of a solid color made of cotton or silk
  • Blouse should be generally of simple cut (not too frilly)
  • General colors: white, beige, ecru, navy, blue, red (not black)
  • Neckline should be conservative and not too low


  • Scarves added to distinguish a suit (Ascot or Scout style)
  • Colors should include those being worn


  • Always wear pantyhose
  • Coordinate with ensemble
  • Skin colored hosiery is recommended
  • Avoid textures (lace, snowflakes)


  • Simple pumps usually of solid color coordinating with suit skirt
  • General rule is a color no lighter than hem line
  • Make sure shoes are comfortable
  • Short heel and closed toe


  • Optional depending on the outfit
  • Color should either coordinate with shoes, outfit or both


  • All jewelry should coordinate in terms of metals (all gold, all silver)
  • 1-2 rings per hand - no more
  • Earrings should be small and unobtrusive