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PhD Student

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Bob Zhang


Hello, all. My name is Chaoyi Zhang, and you are welcome to call me Bob. I enjoyed a powerful link to visual images as I grew up. I cherished ambitious ideals of producing pictures and videos that would touch individuals and communities; of adding my name to the list of directors who have immortalized their vision through unforgettably crafted scenes. It was through my undergraduate years that my interest in visual imagery crystallized into a passion for the wider media ecosystem, especially production and criticism. My earlier undergraduate years focused heavily on photography and video and audio production. My most enjoyable production experiences were short documentaries. During my first graduate year, I broadened my interests in media criticism and media technologies, studying “Media Theory” with Dr. Eugene Thacker. I became engrossed in the different aspects of the media system: the meaning of technology in critical theory and posthuman contexts; gendered and racialized media representation; power structures that organize the production and distribution of media objects; and the ramifications of reconfiguring digitally-driven technologies and media. Therefore, I serve as both a cinematographer and media researcher


M.A. Media Studies, The New School

B.A. Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, Central Michigan University

B.A. Radio, Television, and Digital Communication, Communication University of China