Graduate Students

Grad Students

PhD Students

Taylor Abrams-Rollinson, Applied Communication

Rebecca Aderoju, Applied Communication

Maame Ageyi, Applied Communication

Regina Alabere, Applied Communication

Mohammed Alsahafi, Media and Rhetoric

Amber "AD" Alston, Applied Communication

Kenneth Avery, Applied Communication

Elizabeth Bartholomew Applied Communication

Jonathan Bridenbaker, Media and Rhetoric

Curtis Chamblee, Media and Rhetoric

Kyle Chitwood, Applied Communication

Solomon W. Cochren, Media and Rhetoric

Jill Fredenburg, Media and Rhetoric 

Henri Giles, Media and Rhetoric

Sneha Goswami, Media and Rhetoric

Katie Graves,  Media and Rhetoric

Samantha Guajardo, Media and Rhetoric

Christopher Harris, Media and Rhetoric

Clark A. Harris Jr., Media and Rhetoric

Diana Humble, Applied Communication

Jeffrey Miller, Media and Rhetoric

Jason Mikel, Media and Rhetoric

DiArron M., Media and Rhetoric    

Karly Poyner-Smith, Media and Rhetoric

Jonathan Smith, Media and Rhetoric

Lionnell "Badu" Smith, Media and Rhetoric

L'Oreal Stephens, Applied Communication

Shukura Umi, Applied Communication

Pierre Vincent, Media and Rhetoric

Russell Woods, Media and Rhetoric

Bob Zhang, Media and Rhetoric

MA Students

Tayler Bell, Film & Video Production

Elizabeth Butler, Film & Video Production

Nadia Chase, Film & Video Production

Erick Figueroa, Film & Video Production

Bianca Ford, Film & Video Production

Rex Lindsey, Film & Video Production

Amira Randolph, Communication Studies

Johanna Wright, Film & Video Production

Jennifer Valenzuela, Communication Studies