Graduate Students

PhD Students

Regina Alabere, 2nd Year Doctoral Student, Health Communication
Tharwa Bilbesi, 2nd Year Doctoral Student, Health Communication
JoAnna Boudreaux, 3rd Year Doctoral Student, Women and Gender Studies, Critical Cultural Studies, Communication Theory and Quantitative Methods
Kiersten Brockman, 3rd Year Doctoral Student, Health Communication, Topics in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Rachael Camp, 2nd Year Doctoral Student, Media Studies
Michelle Carr
Curtis Chamblee, 1st Year Doctoral Student, Rhetorical, Qualitative and Critical Cultural Approaches
Lisa L. Dale
Celnisha Dangerfield, 1st Year Doctoral Student, Gender, Race, Rhetoric and Religion
Andre Favors, PhD Candidate, Rhetoric and LGBTQ Health and Media Studies
Thomas Fuerst, 3rd Year Doctoral Student, Religious Retoric
Steven Gaines, Finial Year Doctoral Student, ABD, Rhetorical Leadership, Social Inequality and Religion
Noor Ghazal Aswad, 3rd Year Doctoral Student, Rhetoric and Media Studies
Henri Giles
Katie Graves
Michael Gray
Clark A. Harris Jr.
Veronica Heatherly, 1st Year Doctoral Student, Media Studies,Critical Cultural Studies
Adam Hughes
Natonya Listach
Degan Loren, 3rd Year Doctoral Student, Media Studies & Critical Qualitative Inquiry
Stephen McKellips
Stephanie Montgomery
Ayo Morton
Karly Poyner, 1st Year Doctoral Student, Feminist Interpretivist Approaches to Religious/Spiritual Constructs and Contexts, Qualitative Interpersonal and Intercultural Identity Communication Methods, Arts-Based Research (autoethnography, narrative and poetry), Mixed Rhetorical/Qualitative Methods
Keven James Rudrow
Damariye Smith
Jonathan Smith
Lionnell "Badu" Smith, 1st Year Doctoral Student, Communication Studies
Tyler Stafford, PhD Candidate, Communication Studies
Lori Stallings
L'Oreal Stephens
Laura Sullivan
Hannah Tabrizi, 1st Year Doctoral Student, Rhetoric
Shukura Umi, 3rd Year Doctoral Student, Health and Relational Communication, Maternal and Child Health
Pierre Vincent
Diana Watkins-Dickerson, PhD Candidate, Rhetoric and Media Studies

MA Students

Ashlyn Blair, 2nd year MA Student, Oral Communication, Visual Rhetoric, Interpersonal Communication, and Instructional Communication
Catherine Eakin, 1st Year MA Student, Rhetoric and Political Communication
Lydia Gettings, 2nd Year MA Student, Health Communication and Communication in Nonprofit Organizations
Jhona Gipson, 3rd Year MA Student, Communication Studies
Justin Malone, 2nd Year MA FVP Student, with an interest in telling stories about the rural American South.
Tamara Sawyer, 1st Year MA Student