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Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Atkins Sayre Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Department Chair (Ph.D. University of Georgia)
Rhetoric, Identity, Critical Regionalism and the South, Social Protest and Change
Antonio de Velasco Antonio de Velasco, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Emory University)
Rhetoric and Social Theory; U.S. Political Discourse; Rhetorical Pedagogy
aedgarheadshot Amanda Nell Edgar, Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Missouri)
Media Studies and Rhetoric
Roxie Gee Roxana L. Gee, Associate Professor (M.A., University of Memphis)
Video and Film Production
Dr. Goldsmith Joy V. Goldsmith, Professor (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)
Health literacy; Health intervention development; Caregiver training; Oncology and chronic care
David Goodman David Goodman, Assistant Professor (MFA, University of North Texas)
Film and Video Production
Hendrix Katherine G. Hendrix, Professor (Ph.D., University of Washington)
Qualitative Research Methods; Instructional, Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication
Lauren Johnsen Lauren Johnsen, Instructor (Ph.D., University of Missouri)
Interpersonal and Family Communication
Dr. Elja Roy

Elja Roy, Assistant Professor (Ph.D University of Minnesota)

Film and Video Production, Environmental Communication, Critical Media 

Andre E. Johnson Andre E. Johnson, Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Memphis)
African-American Rhetoric
Marty Lang Marty Lang, Assistant Professor (MFA, California State University, Northridge; MFA, Florida State University)
Film and Video Production; Screenwriting, Directing and Producing
Marina Levina Marina Levina, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (Ph.D., University of Illinois)
Critical Cultural Studies; Media Studies
Gray Matthews Gray Matthews, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University)
Contemplative Philosophy; Relational and Critical Theory
Dr. Maxson James David Maxson, Instructor (Ph.D Pennsylvania State University) 
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Public Memory, the American South 
Dr. Moss Christina Moss, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Louisiana State University)
Southern Identity and Rhetoric, Critical Regionalism, Analysis of Place and Locale, Public Memory, Public Address, Gender and Race Rhetoric
Lori Stallings Lori Stallings, Instructor, Undergraduate Coordinator and Director of 2381 (M.A., Marquette University)
Oral Communication; Interpersonal Communication
David Stephens David F. Stephens Jr, (Ph.D., Bowling Green State University)
Social Media, Branding, Race, Black Twitter, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture
Dr. Craig Stewart Craig O. Stewart, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University)
Critical Discourse Studies; Science Communication; Research Methods
Dr. Wilson

Cicely WilsonInstructor (Ph.D., University of Memphis)
Public Speaking, Organizational Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Leadership Communication.


Dr. Young Amanda J. Young, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University)
Health Literacy; Patient/provider interactions; Qualitative Research; Patient-centered Outcomes Research


Emeritus Faculty

David Appleby David L. Appleby, Professor Emeritus

Steve Ross Steve Ross, Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

James R. Briscoe James R. Briscoe, Adjunct Faculty (Ph.D. Communication, University of Memphis)
Rhetoric, Political Communication, Health Communication
Richard Bullington Richard Bullington, Adjunct Faculty (M.A. Communication, University of Memphis)
Rhetoric, Political Communication, Health Communication
Daniel Linton Daniel Linton, Adjunct Faculty (MA Communication, University of Memphis)
Cynthia Runions Cynthia Runions, Adjunct Professor (M.A., University of Memphis)
Media Studies, Film History, Theory, and Criticism; Communication Studies