Welcome to the Department of Communication & Film!

In every career, you need to be able to express yourself exactly, confidently, passionately. It's about informing, entertaining, and moving an audience. Communication is the foundation for leadership in whatever your chosen field turns out to be. And you can find our alumni doing great things in businesses and non-profits, the film and television industry, and academia.

We're standing ready to give you a memorable educational experience and an enthusiastic start on the exciting, satisfying work you want to do.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for students who want to use communication to make positive changes in their lives, their communities, and the world.

Our Mission

The UofM Department of Communication & Film addresses issues affecting Memphis, the Mid-South, the U.S., and the world through nationally recognized communication research, teaching, and filmmaking.

Our Goals

To help students

  • Recognize and articulate the current state of human affairs;
  • Practice ethical communication personally and professionally;
  • Respect the diversity of their fellow human beings;
  • Effectively address societal needs across multiple platforms;
  • Express themselves through both old and new media as they stake out a place for themselves in the public conversation.

Programs at a Glance

BA in Communication

Communication Studies
Film & Video Production

MA in Communication

Communication Studies
Film & Video Production

Accelerated BA/MA in Communication

PhD in Communication

Rhetoric & Media Studies
Health & Relational Communication