COMM Faculty

Pictured: Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, Dr. Antonio de Velasco, Dr. Amanda Edgar, Professor Roxana Gee, Professor David Goodman, Dr. Katherine Hendrix, Dr. Andre Johnson, Professor Marty Lang, Dr. David Maxson, Dr. Christi Moss, Dr. David Stephens,  Professor Lori Stallings, Dr. Craig Stewart, Dr. Elja Roy, Dr. Lauren Johnsen, Dr. Marina Levina, Dr. Amanda Young

Not Pictured: Dr. Joy Goldsmith, Dr. Gray Matthews, Dr. Cicely Wilson, Miguel Garcia, Camisha Smith, William Johnson

The Communication Department's award-winning faculty, dedicated staff, and committed graduate instructors are devoted to helping you learn the communication skills essential for working in groups and organizations, participating in public discourse, enhancing your interpersonal relationships, processing information received from media, and interacting with members of other cultures.