Elja Roy


Dr. Elja Roy


Dr. Roy's research brings production-based case studies to explore the intersection of environmental communication and ecocinema. She has conducted field research in the Pacific North-West, Minnesota, Illinois, India, and Bangladesh. Her doctoral dissertation, “Art, Activism and Sundarbans: A case study of Ecomusical Environmental Movement through Film” is half-written and half a documentary film, “Musical Mangrove.” It examines an artistic environmental movement involving multicultural ethnic groups and minorities in the Global South through community-based co-productions. Currently, Elja is working on the postproduction of a documentary film and pre-production of a narrative film. Roy also taught Video Production at the University of Minnesota and Critical Media Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota.


University of Minnesota, Department of Communication Studies, PhD. 2021 
University of Calcutta, India, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, MA 2013
Serampore College, India, Department of Communicative English, BA 2011

Sample Publications

Pedelty, Mark; Roy, Elja. (forthcoming). “Film as Fieldwork.” In Jon Nussbaum (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

Dirksen, Rebecca., Hatfield, Tara., Pang, Yan., *Roy, Elja., (2019), “Field to Media: Applied Ecomusicology in the Anthropocene”, Journal of Popular Music. 

Dirksen, Rebecca., Pedelty, Mark., *Roy, Elja., Pang, Yan., (2020), “Deeply Engaged, Digitally Mediated: Field to Media as an Empirical Methodology” (AcceptedRoy, Elja. (2021) – Together Alone: Aamay Bhashaili Rey – Producer

Roy, Elja. (2020) – Field to Media – Co-Director, Co-producer. 

Roy, Elja. (2020) – Musical Mangrove – Director, Producer, Editor, Audio Engineer, Videographer.