Clark Harris, Jr.

Clark A. Harris, Jr.

PhD Student

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About Clark A. Harris, Jr.

Clark A. Harris Jr. is a first-year doctorial student. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and teaches at a number of institutions. His ambitions in education is teaching and researching in the disciplines of rhetoric and writing. He believes that writing can serve as a gateway to knowledge of self-revelations and understanding of ones past. Furthermore, he encourages his students to write daily in a journal with expectations of passing it down to their children's children. An inheritance can be spent, and a picture is only worth a thousand words, but your story can guide future generations to a greater destination. In addition, there is no one more worthy of sharing your story than you.


B.A. English Literature: University of Arkansas at Little Rock
M.A. Professional & Technical Writing: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Research Interests

Rhetorical analysis in African-American Theology
Theology through the lens of race and oppression


Bogan, S., Brown, H., Harris, C.A., James, C., Rankins-Robertson, S. (2018, March). Developing Rhetorical Awareness and Sharpening Academic Literacy for In-Coming Underrepresented College Students. Paper presented at the Southern Regional Composition Conference, Memphis, TN.

Harris, C.A. (2012). The Last Call. In C. Anderson (Ed.), Quills & Pixels (pp. 99-101). Little Rock: University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Harris, C.A. (2014). Finding the Rite Fitting. In C. Anderson (Ed.), Quills & Pixels (pp. 102-107). Little Rock: University of Arkansas at Little Rock.