Sneha Goswami

PhD Student

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My research interests lay at the intersection of critical cultural studies, film and media studies and the rhetoric of space and place. I am interested in understanding the nature of power relation within the transnational and transregional spaces and how that shapes the contemporary representations of colonialism in the popular culture, with a particular emphasis on film. I want to examine, the transnational and transcultural cinema to investigate how colonialism functions outside of the Western context. I want to address how contemporary colonial structure impacts identity formation of displaced populations, while moving the study of colonialism away from traditional Western narratives. I specifically want to examine cinematic representations of displacement, migration, indigeneity and citizenship from a critical colonial gaze.

Going forward with my research I would like to incorporate the theoretical frameworks of post/colonialism, critical regionalism, and critical cultural studies in my scholarship I am particularly inspired by the works of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and her research in the post-colonial identity and the subaltern. Within the communication discipline I draw on the works of Stuart Hall and his critical interventions in the popular cultural space, Kent A. Ono and his neocolonial and post-colonial approach to cinema and Raka Shome and her research on post-colonial culture, media and transnational communication. I use film studies as a mode of critical cultural analysis drawing on my experience as a film maker.


B. A. English Honours from Bijoy Narayan Mahavidyalaya(2018)
M.A. English Literature and Culture Studies from the University of Burdwan(2020)


Roy, Elja, Sneha Goswami. “Community Communication and Digital Archive, Case Study of Beyond the Border: Archiving the Art and Activism of Sundarbans Movement. UNESCO Chair Community Communication Edited Volume (Accepted).

Works in Progress:

Levina, Marina, Kalemba Kitzo, Sneha Goswami, His House (2022), Monstrosity, and Film Representations of Refugee Experience,” (manuscript under preparation for submission to Critical Studies in Media Communication)


Bones (2021)