Welcome to the Diplomacy Research Lab

Welcome to the Diplomacy Research Lab at The University of Memphis. Our lab is a transdisciplinary research group dedicated to exploring some of the world's most pressing issues related to diplomacy. Our mission is to improve international relations, reduce tensions, and uncover the dynamics of cooperation at dyadic, regional, and organizational levels within the international system.

At the Diplomacy Research Lab, we focus on several key thematic areas. These include strategic communication and media, public health and epidemiology, diplomacy policy, human rights and humanitarian issues, culture, perception and education, democracy and institutions, and area studies with a specific country or regional focus. These diverse areas of study enable us to approach diplomacy from multiple perspectives, ensuring comprehensive and innovative research outcomes.

Our activities encompass a range of collaborative and supportive initiatives. We coordinate and support groundbreaking research at the University of Memphis, investigating the nature of cooperation to identify and anticipate both immediate and long-term issues and crises across local, regional, national, and international spaces. By collaborating across various disciplines and fields, we address dimensions of diplomacy such as dialogue, power, and security, broadly defined.

The goals of the Diplomacy Research Lab are ambitious and far-reaching. We aim to secure external funding for emerging concerns related to diplomacy, develop sustainable transdisciplinary collaborations within the university, and provide accessible public-facing information through white papers, colloquia, and other innovative forms of communication. Additionally, we strive to facilitate high-level, pathbreaking research for high-impact publications and host invited guest speakers and lecturers on the theme of diplomacy.

Membership in the Diplomacy Research Lab is open to faculty and students whose work investigates aspects of diplomacy. We encourage those interested in contributing to this vital field to join us in our efforts to make significant advancements in understanding and practicing diplomacy on a global scale.