George Swihart

George Swihart

Emeritus Professor

Office Hours


  • BA, Colby College, 1979
  • MS, University of Iowa, 1981
  • PhD, University of Chicago, 1987

Research Interests

Boron isotope geochemistry of minerals, groundwater and soil. A recent interest is in developing a geochemical method for sourcing archaeological artifacts composed of chert.

Selected Publications

  • Larsen D., Swihart G. H. and Xiao Y. K. (2001) Hydrochemistry and isotope composition of springs in the Tecopa basin, southeastern California, USA. Chem. Geol. 179, 17-35.
  • Xiao Y. K., Swihart G. H., Xiao Y. and Vocke R. D. (2001) A preliminary experimental study of the boron concentration in vapor and the isotopic fractionation of boron between seawater and vapor during evaporation of seawater. Science in China (Series B) 44, 540-551.
  • Swihart G. H. (2002, updated second printing) Instrumental techniques for boron isotope analysis. In E. S. Grew and L. M. Anovitz, Eds., Boron: Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry in the Earth's Crust, Mineralogical Society of America, Reviews in Mineralogy, vol. 33, pp. 845-862.
  • Xiao Y., Li Y-S. and Swihart G. H. (2002) A close look at silver oxide colloid for surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Talanta 58, 755-760.
  • Xiao Y. K., Liao B. Y., Liu W. G, Xiao Y. and Swihart G. H. (2003) Ion exchange extraction of boron from aqueous fluids by Amberlite IRA 743 resin. Chinese J. Chem. 21, 1073-1079.
  • Xiao Y. K., Li S. Z., Wei H. Z., Sun A. D., Liu W. G., Zhou W. J., Zhao Z. Q. and Swihart G. H. (2007) Boron isotopic fractionation during seawater evaporation. Marine Chem. 103, 382-392.