Dr. Hsiang-te Kung

Dr. Hsiang-te Kung

ASIT (East Asian Studies and International Trade), Professor of Geography

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Dr. Hsiang-te Kung, the 75th generation of Confucius, is a Geography professor in the Earth Sciences Department, Director of the Confucius Institute and Asian Studies and International Trade Program at the University of Memphis. Dr. Kung holds a doctorate in Geography and Geology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1980. He received his B.S. (geography-major/geology-minor) from the University of Chinese Culture. He specializes in water resources, urban hydrology, urban physical environment, land-surface system, fluvial geomorphology, landform/terrain analysis, and Asia - China. He was the chair of the Department of Geography and Planning at the University from 1991 to 2001. 

He published more than 106 refereed journal articles and received more than 80 research grants. He is the first author of Chinese Listening and Speaking Workbook 1 (2008, Chinese Language Alliance Press) and co-editor of Towards Cooperative Utilization and Co-ordinated Management of International Rivers (2001, Science Press) and Regional Hydrological Response to Climate Change (1996, Kluwer), and Regional Development and Environmental Strategies (1989, Science and Technology Press). He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences China (2004), a Visiting Professor for University of Pittsburgh Institute of Shipboard Education – Semester at Sea Program and at 13 Chinese universities (Honorable Professor at four of them). He was past Chair of the Department of Geography and Planning (1992-01) and in 2007 was appointed Director of the newly created Confucius Institute and Director of the Asian Studies and International Trade Program. He is a four-time Nominee for the Distinguished Teaching Service Award, a Nominee for the Eminent Faculty Award (2000) and has received the Excellence in Teaching Award (University Honors Program) (2008) has twice received the Superior Performance in University Research (1993, 1994) and PI-Millionaire (2014) for Outstanding Research Activities, the College of Arts and Sciences Meritorious Faculty Award (2005) and Award for Advising Excellence (2006). 


BA, University of Chinese Culture, Taipei, Taiwan, 1968 (Earth Science), Graduate with Honors - First of 44 Graduates
MS, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee , 1972 (Geography and Geology)
PhD,University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee , 1980 (Geography and Geology)

Professional Experience

  • Map librarian, Geography Univ. of Tennessee 1971-73
  • Instructor Geography, Univ. of Tennessee 1973-75
  • Senior Planner Planning, Knoxville/Knox County 1974-81
  • Asst. Prof. Geography, Memphis State Univ 1981-83
  • Asst. Prof. Geography/Planning, Memphis State Univ 1983-87
  • Lecturer (visiting) Geography, East China Normal Univ 1986
  • Assoc. Prof. Geography/Planning, Memphis State Univ 1987-92
  • Prof. (visiting) Geography, East China Normal Univ 1991
  • Honor Prof Geography, Huazhong Normal Univ 1991-present
  • Prof./Chair Geography/Planning ,Memphis State Univ 1991-93
  • Prof./Chair Geography/Planning, The Univ. of Memphis 1994-2001
  • Professor (visiting), Semester of Sea University of Pittsburgh Fall, 1999
  • Professor Earth Sciences, The Univ of Memphis 2001-present
  • Professor (visiting) Geograpy, The Chinese Univ of HK Fall, 2005
  • Professor (visiting) Environmental Sciences, China Three Gorges Univ Fall, 2005
  • Director Asian Studies and International Trade, The Univ. of Memphis 2007 – present
  • Director Confucius Institute, The Univ. of Memphis 2007 - present

Honors and Awards

  • Invited Panel, Ministry of Executive, R.O. China 1985
  • Distinguished Teaching, Memphis State Univ. 1988 (Nominated)
  • Distinguished Teaching, Memphis State Univ. 1990 (Nominated)
  • Distinguished Teaching, Memphis State Univ. 1991 (Nominated)
  • Visiting Professor, East China Normal University 1986 (Summer), 1991 (Spring)
  • Visiting Professor,Guizhou Normal University 1991 (Spring)
  • Visiting Professor,Yunnan Institute of Geography 1991 (Spring)
  • Visiting Professor,Yunnan Normal University 1991 (Spring)
  • Visiting Professor,Sichuan Normal University 1991 (Spring)
  • Visiting Professor,Chongqing Normal University 1991 (Spring)
  • Visiting Professor,Central China Normal University 1991 (Spring), 2005 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,University of Pittsburgh (Institute of Shipboard Education – Semester of Sea)1999 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,Chinese University of Hong Kong 2005 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,China Three Gorges University 2005 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,Chinese Academy of Sciences 2005 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,Xin Jiang University 2005 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,Yunnan University 2005 (Fall)
  • Visiting Professor,Hubei University 2006 (Fall)
  • Spur Award, The Univ. of Memphis 1993
  • A & S Meritorious, The Univ. of Memphis 1993 (Nominated)
  • Honor Member, Golden Key National Honor Society 1994
  • Distinguished Teaching, Memphis State Univ. 1994 (Nominated)
  • Spur Award, The Univ. of Memphis 1994
  • A & S Meritorious, The Univ. of Memphis 1996 (Nominated), 2005
  • Distinguished Teaching, The Univ. of Memphis 1997 (Nominated)
  • Honorable Professor, Central China Normal Univ. 1998
  • Honorable Professor,Chinese Academy of Sciences 2001
  • Honorable Professor,China Three Gorges University 2005
  • Honorable Professor,Hubei University 2006
  • Visiting Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Semester at Sea 1999 (Fall)
  • Eminent Faculty, The Univ. of Memphis 2000 (Nominated)
  • External Examiner, Dept. of Geography and Resources Management and Reviewer Hong Kong Chinese University 2001-2003
  • Univ. College Advising, The University of Memphis 2003
  • Visiting Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences – Wuhan 2004
  • A & S Meritorious, The University of Memphis 2005
  • Dean's Award for Advising Excellence – The University of Memphis 2006
  • Excellence in Teaching Award – The University Honor's Program 2008-2009
  • Alma Bucovaz Urban Service Award – Te University College 2009
  • Confucius Institute of the Year Award – CI Headquarters/HANBAN 2010
  • Individual Excellence Performance of CI – CI Headquarters/HANBAN2011
  • Confucius Institute of the Year Award – CI Headquarters/HANBAN 2012
  • PI-Millionaire Award – attainment of $1 million or more as Principal Investigator on externally supported work at the University of Memphis, The University of Memphis 2014
  • Model Confucius Institute for the CIUM 2014 with $900,000 special funds

Research Interests

Water Resources Urban Hydrology
Urban Physical Environment Land-Surface System Soil Erosion
Fluvial Geomorphology Landform and Terrain Analysis Aerial Photo Interpretation
Asia - China Geographic Information System