Advising Forms

Permit Requests

  • Business majors must request permits for Upper Division business courses (3000-4000 level) if they have not completed the Lower Business core; have less than 45 college-level hours, and/or have not completed specific course prerequisites with the appropriate grades
  • Non-business majors must request permits for all Upper Division business courses. 45 college-level hours and specific course prerequisites must be completed to be eligible to take Upper Division business courses.

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Multipurpose Form

Complete a Multipurpose form to make the following requests:

  • Permission to register for a full class
  • Permission to register for an Independent Study course
  • Permission for a course substitution
  • Permission for a prerequisite exception

Multipurpose Form >


  • All students who have officially declared an undergraduate business major are eligible to submit a request for self-advising
  • Self-advising does not require an advising appointment and is for students who have knowledge of the courses they need or want to take
  • Review course/degree requirements on your UMdegree worksheet before submitting a Self-Advising form

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FCBE Declaration of Major

  • Students who wish to declare a Major or Minor within the College of Business can submit a Declaration of Major form to change their academic program
  • Students must be currently admitted before a declaration of major form can be processed
  • Athletes cannot submit this form to their change major. Contact the Center for Athletic Advising Services for more information

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