Advising Forms

Full/Closed Class Requests

  • If a Summer/Fall 2024 course section is full, students can add themselves to a waitlist. 

  • Waitlisting will be open once the registration period begins, and it will be available until the day before classes start for the semester.

  • If a space opens up in the course, students will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to register themselves in the section.

  • Additional information, including instructions on how to utilize the Waitlist can be found on the Registrar's website.

Permit Requests

  • Business majors must request permits for Upper Division business courses (3000-4000 level) if they have not completed the Lower Business core; have less than 45 college-level hours, and/or have not completed specific course prerequisites with the appropriate grades

  • Non-business majors must request permits for all Upper Division business courses. 45 college-level hours and specific course prerequisites must be completed to be eligible to take Upper Division business courses.

Permit Request Form >

Course Overload Requests

  • Undergraduate students may enroll in a maximum of 20.5 hours for Fall or Spring, and 23 hours for Summer, as long as the maximum hours for any of the term’s “parts of term” are not exceeded. To exceed these loads, a student must receive overload approval.

  • In order for a student to be reviewed for a course overload the student must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

  • Please note: the submission of an application is not an automatic guarantee that an overload will be granted.

Course Overload Request Form >

Multipurpose Form

Complete a Multipurpose form to make the following requests:

  • Permission to register for an Independent Study course

  • Permission for a course substitution

  • Permission for a prerequisite exception

Do Not submit a Multipurpose Form if you are requesting to register for a class that is full/closed. Refer to the Closed Class Request information at the top of the page for additional information.

Multipurpose Form >


  • All students who have officially declared an undergraduate business major are eligible to submit a request for self-advising

  • Self-advising does not require an advising appointment and is for students who have knowledge of the courses they need or want to take

  • Review course/degree requirements on your UMdegree worksheet before submitting a Self-Advising form

Self-Advising Request Form >

FCBE Declaration of Major

  • Students who wish to declare a Major or Minor within the College of Business can submit a Declaration of Major form to change their academic program

  • Students must be currently admitted before a declaration of major form can be processed

  • Athletes cannot submit this form to their change major. Contact the Center for Athletic Advising Services for more information

Declaration of Major Form >