“The H.E.R.O. Training Program” ©

“The H.E.R.O. Training Program” © is a simulation-based learning program wherein students embark on a journey to reinvent perceived obstacles to support them in discovering the hero within. Learned skills include the nationally-recognized CASLE competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making), as well as a variety of life skills that translate to success, such as character education, leadership development, and resilience.

 Selected excerpts from students who participated in the program are presented below:

  • “We learned that…it’s okay to feel our feelings.” –1st  grade, boy
  • “Even if you don’t win, we can win the act of kindness.” –Kindergarten, girl
  • “You know, the worry monster, he tried to—whenever he comes into your mind, he tells us we can’t do it, but we can make our own story.” –2nd grade, boy
  • "We learned that if our friends are in trouble, we should help them.” –2nd grade, boy
  • “Yoga taught me more about myself, about what I think is better than what other people think I should think” –1st grade girl
  • “It teached me how to be creative, like trying the yoga thing made me excited, and then, I went back home, and it made me build new crafts.” –2nd grade, boy

Brief excerpts from teachers who participated in the program include the following:

  • “I remember like the first day, someone was very perplexed right, like, ‘Well, how can I be my own hero? I don't understand’. So, I do think that by the end, they were more open to the idea or like could understand the idea of how one could be a hero within themselves, how deep that awareness is.” –Teacher K
  • “I think a good number of kids did learn to self-regulate and, you know, they really got a lot out of it, and they really enjoyed it.” –Teacher G
  • “They became more independent, and they showed patience… They had good self-direction… I definitely saw some growth with independence and self-direction.” –Teacher F
  • “I did hear some second graders during lunch say like things like, ‘Oh you're being a hero’, like recognizing another person being a hero, and I think one of them said something about Dr. Pirkey. I don't know the extent of the conversation, but they were definitely recognizing that outside of yoga class.” –Teacher J
  • “[T]hey were able to recall what they had either done in that lesson or the previous day…they were able to understand it on a higher level…I think that's a good example and good evidence that what you were doing stuck with them and was meaningful for them.” –Teacher A 

If interested in integrating “The H.E.R.O. Training Program”© into your school or organization, please contact Dr. Paige Pirkey, Ph.D., e-RYT500, YACEP at paige.pirkey@memphis.edu.

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