Library Systems Staff

Portrait Dr. Kenneth Haggerty, User Interfaces Librarian
Phone: (901) 678-4465
Office: McWherter Library: RM 307

Responsibilities: Dr. Haggerty joined the University Libraries faculty in November 2016 as a User Interfaces Librarian. His responsibilities include providing leadership and direction for the design, development, and implementation of the various online interfaces that provide access to the resources and services of the University Libraries. As a member of the University Libraries’ faculty, he participates in the Collection Development Program, the User Instruction Program, staffing of the Research and Information Services (RIS) desk, and also serves as Liaison Librarian to one or more academic department(s).

gender_neutral Vacant, Emerging Technologies Librarian
Phone: (901) 678-4558
Office: McWherter Library: RM 331

Responsibilities: Monitoring the latest technological developments and considering the relevance and usefulness for delivering the services and resources of the University Libraries. Provide advice and consultation to departments and/or individuals on maximizing the use of new and emerging technologies to accomplish the work of the library. His efforts focus on identifying and implementing strategies to maximize the effective use of available technology to meet the needs of library users and library personnel.

Yolanda Hawkins Yolanda Hawkins, Local Technical Support Provider I
Phone: (901) 678-3745
Office: McWherter Library: RM 309

Responsibilities: Provide a full range of technical and client support services to the faculty and staff of the University Libraries; also addresses technical and support needs of University students and faculty and the broader library user population both on and off campus; provide technical training for the faculty and staff of the University Libraries.

James Hudson James Hudson, Local Technical Support Provider I
Phone: (901) 678-1634
Office: McWherter Library: RM 309

Responsibilities: Answers questions from users and vendors regarding system operations generally and with special application to the use of operation of the Libraries’ OnLine Catalog System. Executes programs and performs specialized tasks via remote computer terminal to maintain and improve system performance for the OnLine Catalog System. Provides technical support for the daily operation of the OnLine Catalog System for the University Libraries and its libraries partners. Participates in meetings and training sessions of the campus-wide LTSP group and cooperates with the Information Systems Division’s Client Services Department.