You may renew books from the stacks in person, by phone, or online as long as your material is not overdue. Call the Checkout Desk for renewal options. If material is returned late, fines accrue at $.25 a day for 30 days. After 30 days, there is a $7.50 late fee plus a non-refundable $10.00 processing fee for each item. If the material is not returned, you will be charged the above fees, plus the cost of the material. All material is subject to Recall after 14 days.

  1. Online, via the My Library Account portal. UM faculty, staff, and students enter their username and password on the left-hand side. All other users enter their last name and barcode on the right-hand side. Renew by checking the boxes next to your items pushing the Renew button.
  2. Over the phone by calling (901) 678-2205.  Please make sure you have the books with you when you call. 
  3. In person by bringing the books to the Check-Out Desk.  Please make sure you have your UM ID with you.  
  4. You may send a renewal request to our email address, lib_circrenewal@memphis.edu. Please make sure you include the titles and barcodes from the books. 

You may not renew overdue items over the phone or via email. You can bring them in and renew at the Check Out desk, or you can renew them using My Library Account portal by yourself.

If you renew using My Library Account portal and the material is overdue, the fine will be automatically reflected on your library record.

You may renew items via the My Library Account portal twice. You may renew them in person as many times as you’d like as long as there are no recalls or special requests for the item(s).


Materials may be returned to Ned McWherter Library’s Check In Desk or to any one of the branch libraries: Health Sciences Library or Music (Music Building, room 115).  For your convenience, there are 3 book returns/book drops, one in front of McWherter Library, one outside of Brister Hall on Alumni drive and one on Central Avenue in front of the Music Building. To prevent damage or loss, CDs, Videos and DVDs should not be placed in book returns, but returned to the Circulation department or to a branch library.