A. Project-Based Research
In this category MAML receives request for manufacturing of a device (1), from a material (2), meeting certain performance requirements (3). In this case, the customer will need to define items 1-3 clearly in mutual communications with MAML staff. Upon receiving such a request, MAML will investigate the request and offers solutions to the customer. Once there is a solutions agreed upon by both parties, the project will be submitted to both parties administration for approval (not necessary for internal requests).

B. Fee for Service
In this category, the external UM entity receives a service request for one or more instruments in MAML. MAML operated based on the fee schedule shown for each type of users under the relevant tabs. All users need to meet the requirement in the general lab safety form before they are allowed to enter the lab. Users will be also required to have the training for each equipment that they request to use.