"We need to be more efficient in our response", Dr. Asadi says for the situation like COVID-19 pandemic.

The MAM lab delivered its initial batch of shields to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital at the end of March. Up to now, the lab has manufactured 1000 frames for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, which is distributing them to local hospitals and agencies. The printing effort would be continuous upon request.

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The MAM lab at the University of Memphis is fabricating face-shield frames using its 3D printers 24 hours a day to provide to hospitals in the State of Tennessee, including Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, to aid in combating COVID-19. "We appreciate the support of community partners like the University of Memphis during this uncertain time," said Dr. Barry Gilmore, chief medical officer of Le Bonheur Children's. "Their offer of help means so much to our clinical experts who are working around-the-clock to help keep kids healthy and well." Currently, Le Bonheur is using single use face shields. The lab is producing reusable face shield frames which each frame can be sanitized and reused for 20 times. So far, the lab has delivered 52 3D-printed frames to Le Bonheur Children's hospital and 83 frames to TCAT Jackson which the total number is equivalent to more than 2000 face shields.

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The MAM lab has joined seven other universities to make personal protective equipment to fight COVID-19. Though the lab aimed to build specialized metal parts, currently we are printing face protective shields for healthcare providers. Dr. Asadi and his team are running four 3D printers around the clock in the lab. Thanks to Matthew Matkham, Behzad Fotovvati, Michael Fitzmire and Fatemeh Hejripour for their efforts.

Learn more at:  https://www.localmemphis.com


Dr. Asadi, the MAML director, receives a joint University of Memphis-Czech Academy of Science (CAS) grant to develop hybrid laser shot peening (LSP) and metal additive manufacturing (MAM) technologies and solutions. This three-year grant enables close collaboration and partnership between MAML in the UM and HiLASE institute within CAS. This is an exciting partnership to join the metal alloy design for MAM expertise of MAML and the innovative laser solutions and sciences at the HiLASE institute.


Dr. Asadi, the MAML director receives a grant from FedEx Institute of Technology to further develop a pending patent application on systems and methods for real-time assessment and corrective control of powder bed fusion processes.


MAML researchers, Profs. Fatemi and Asadi receive two STTR-Phase I grants in collaboration with Materials Resources LLC (MRL), a Dayton, Ohio-based company, to investigate, "ICME-based
fatigue life prediction for additive manufactured metallic components" and "Rapid ICME-based Multiphysics Modeling of Surface Roughness in LPBF Ti6AlV4" respectively.


The management team of Wright Medical visited MAML today to discuss collaboration opportunities. MAML team shared current research projects of AM at MAML on preprocessing/processing/postprocessing. A follow-up meeting with Wright Medical R&D team is scheduled for later in the month.


MAML partners with EOS to host local manufacturing companies at The FedEx Institute of Technology for a day seminar. We were pleased to provide a tour of MAML for the local manufacturing industries. 



We welcome our MAM Technical Staff Scientist, Dr. Hejripour Rafsanjani, into MAML.


Dr. Bowlin, the Tissue Engineering Lab director at UM, and Dr. Asadi, the MAML director, lead the UM efforts to land a multi-institution partnership seed grant between University of Memphis, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and St Jude Children's Research Hospital to develop the next-generation regenerative medicine solutions. The UM team will take on the task of developing novel metal/polymer materials and their 3D-biofabrication technologies for tissue engineering applications.


University of Memphis President's Report Winter 2018: UofM's Metal Additive Manufacturing Laboratory opening detailed by the president's report (Pages 14-16).


Biomedical Companies enter into research partnership with UofM's Metal Additive Manufacturing Laboratory.


New Donations and Investments to Benefit Memphis Students: Engineering students at the University of Memphis will benefit from funds that have gone towards a new lab, a transportation industry program and a STEM collaboration project, and the FedEx LiFE program continues its growth and popularity.


UofM Launches $2M Printing Facility Manufacturing Project: The University of Memphis is welcoming a new multi-million dollar facility where students will revolutionize "additive manufacturing," or 3D printing.


Metal Additive Manufacturing Laboratory and FedEx Institute of Technology at University of Memphis partner up to work with FedEx Future Depot to development Metal Additive Manufacturing training and applied research capabilities at FedEx corporations. This activity is sponsored by FedEx for duration of 18 months.


FedEx Research Cluster: Additive Manufacturing is the application of advanced 3D printing technology to modern manufacturing and is among a new generation of advanced technologies enabling degrees of manufacturing precision, efficiency and flexibility never before possible


UofM Makes Major Push into Additive Manufacturing: The University of Memphis today announced a groundbreaking Additive Manufacturing Initiative to enhance the application of advanced 3D printing technology in modern manufacturing. The initiative will be supported by a $2 million investment in equipment and laboratory infrastructure, robust collaboration with local industry and a team of faculty researchers.


The University of Memphis - Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab: Construction Begins on the University of Memphis Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab; An integrated advanced computational and experimental research underway for quality assurance and standardization of 3D metal printing as well as educating the future needed workforce in this rapidly growing industry.


University of Memphis building $2 million 3D metal printing lab: The University of Memphis is investing $2 million into a metal 3D printing lab that could help revolutionize manufacturing in industries like aerospace and medical devices.