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Sandra Richardson


Dr. Richardson is a Systems Testing Research Fellow for the Fed Ex Institute of Technology. Dr. Richardson's primary research interests focus on content, presentation, and impact of information on decision making using decision support systems. She is also interested in IT-enabled collaboration, and e-learning. She applies these interest areas to two primary contexts; healthcare and the social sector.

In the healthcare context Dr. Richardson conducts research related to patient decision aids (PtDAs) and clinical decision support systems. She is also interested in the impact of IT-enabled education and collaboration on public and global health. She has completed extensive research in palliative and hospice care organizations related to patient education, treatment, and end-of-life decision making. She has also conducted research in the area of IT-enabled global education and collaboration related to pediatric infectious disease and oncology.

Related to the social sector, Dr. Richardson is interested in the impact of IT-enabled education and collaboration on the ability of social sector organizations to positively impact social conditions; the role of information technology in establishing processes, infrastructure, and performance measures for the social sector organizations; and, the impact of collaborative technologies on organizational agility in the social sector.

Other research areas of interest include the relationships between information technology and ethics, information systems design and development, project management, creativity, leadership, and strategy. She is also interested in qualitative methodologies applied to MIS research.

Dr. Richardson has published in Decision Support Systems, Communications of the AIS, Information Systems Frontiers, ICIS, AMCIS, HICCS, and SAIS. She has taught courses in Strategic Management of Information Technology, Healthcare and Technology, Systems Analysis and Design, Decision Support Systems, Information Management, Project Management, and Hardware and Software.

Dr. Richardson has over 10 years of industry experience in Management Information Systems, Accounting, Finance, Project Management and Operations Management. She has worked extensively in the healthcare industry, utility industry, banking, and finance. She holds a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Florida, a M.S. in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University, and a B.S. in Psychology/Pre-Med from the University of New Mexico.


Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Central Florida
Master of Science, Texas Tech University
Bachelor of Science, The University of New Mexico

Teaching Interests

IT Strategy and Management; Project Management; Systems Analysis & Design; Healthcare Information Systems; Ethics & Philosophy of IT


Research Interests

Healthcare Information Systems; Patient Communication & Education Systems; IT use in Developing Countries; IT use in Social Enterprises (entrepreneurism); Ethics and Philosophy of IT; Innovation & Strategy; Leadership

Selected Research

Richardson, S., Banks, M. S., Kettinger, W., and Quintana, Y., "IT and Agility in the Social Enterprise: A Case Study of St Jude Children's Research Hospital's 'Cure4Kids IT-Platform for International Outreach," Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 15(1), 2014, 1-32.

Moeller, G., Zhang, X., and Richardson, S., "Understanding Antecedents of Interpersonal Conflict in Information systems Development: A Critical Analysis," Journal of Information Technology Management, 23(3), 12-43. 2012.

Gillenson, M., Racer, M., Richardson, S., and Zhang, X., "Engaging Testers Early and Throughout the Software Development Process: Six models and a Simulation Study," Journal of Information Technology Management, XXII (1), 2011, 8-27.

Limpornpugdee, W., Janz, B., and Richardson, S. 2010. "Communications and Competence Factors as Moderators to the Relationship Between User Participation and Information Quality." Journal of Information Technology Management (forthcoming).

Richardson, S. M. 2007. "'Can You Hear What I See?' Nonverbal Communication and the Changing Face of TML," Communications of the AIS (20:58). Abstract

Linden, L., Kuhn, R., Parish, J. Richardson, S., Adams, L., Courtney, J. 2007. "Churchman Inquiring Systems: Kernel Theories for Knowledge Management," Communications of the AIS (20:52). Abstract

Richardson, S. M., Courtney, J. F. and Haynes, J. D. 2006. "Theoretical Principles for Knowledge Management System Design: Application to Pediatric Bipolar Disorder," Decision Support Systems (42:3), pp. 1321-1337. Abstract

Richardson, S. M., Courtney, J. F. and Paradice, D. B. 2006. "An Assessment of the Singerian Approach to Organizational Learning: Cases from Academia and the Utility Industry," Special Issue of Information Systems Frontiers on Philosophical Reasoning in Information Systems Research (3:1), pp. 49-62. Abstract


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