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Dr. Rajiv Grover is a Professor in the Marketing and Supply Chain Management Department. He was the Dean of the Fogelman College from 2007-2018. Prior to his appointment as the dean, he was the holder of the Terry Chair of Excellence and the Head of the Marketing Department at the University of Georgia.

During his tenure as dean of the College, some of the noteworthy achievements by the faculty and staff have been: 1. Endowment and Revenues: a) breaking of fund-raising records for several years in a row; and b) devising creative means to overcome the unique challenges posed by the economic and environmental setting to garner significant dollars annually for executing the vision and strategic plan. 2. Vision and Strategic Plan: developing and executing a vision comprising customized and relevant training of MBAs; holistic development of students; community engagement for its economic development; enhancement of expectations for and delivery of research and teaching based on the portfolio model of faculty contributions; and communication of college goals and achievements to build the brand. 3. MBA Curricula and Innovative MBA Programs: a) incorporating soft-skill courses in the MBA programs b) forming partnerships with area businesses to launch the Customer-Driven MBA Program wherein companies sponsor students for the full-time MBA program and commit to internships and employment upon graduation; c) launching of and raising funds for the Entrepreneurship MBA Program; and d) launching the Online MBA Program. 4. Holistic Development of Students: creating and offering the Fogelman Promise Initiatives consisting of the 4Cs (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Emotional Control), Fogelman Fit, Etiquette, Toastmasters, Know Good – Do Good – Thrive, Professionalism First!, Fogelman Feeds, Women in Action, Against All Odds, Suits for Success and other programs through the recently established Avron B. Fogelman Center for Professional Career Development. 5. Online Education: training and certifying faculty and incorporating online teaching in standard work-load resulting in all majors being made available online. 6. Brand-building and Communication: significantly enhancing media presence, brand-equity and top-of-mind awareness of the College through outlets such as Fogelman Focus, Fogelman Flash e-Newsletter, Fogelman Features and through several types of stakeholder meetings. 7. External Relations: forming energetic supportive boards at the departmental and college level and compellingly engaging executives in enrichment activities for students. 8. AACSB Accreditation and Rankings: receiving unusually positive reviews during re-accreditation and being ranked for the first time in history by US News and World Report and others.

Dr. Grover has held academic positions at Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Georgia. He has been a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins, Duke and Stanford. He has also held corporate positions including the one of being a Senior VP at a Silicon Valley start-up that was engaged in software development in the e-commerce area. Dr. Grover’s area of expertise is marketing with specific capabilities in the interface of marketing research and marketing strategy. His accomplishments span research, teaching, executive development, editorships, consulting, expert witness engagements and authorship. He has published in top academic journals such as Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Marketing and has been on the editorial board of Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Marketing. He has authored the book Theory and Simulation of Market-Focused Management (Dryden) and was the founding editor of The Journal of Market Focused Management. He has edited The Handbook of Marketing Research: Uses, Misuses, and Future Advances (Sage). He is currently leading a group of top scholars to create a graduate level Marketing Management textbook to be published by Prentice Hall.

Dr. Grover's notable achievements in research, teaching and administration include:

  • The prestigious O'Dell award for the best paper in the Journal of Marketing Research
  • The Hugh O. Nourse Outstanding MBA Teacher Award
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award in Marketing Research from Frost & Sullivan
  • The Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Title for the Handbook of Marketing Research
  • The first ever ranking of the Marketing Department at the University of Georgia in The US News and World Report for two years in a row (20th/21st ranks – 2005 and 2006)
  • The inclusion of Fogelman College of Business & Economics to the category of Tier I

In addition to these achievements, he has consulted with and conducted executive education programs for leading organizations such as AT&T, ALCOA, KPMG, PNC Bank, PPG, Texas Instruments, Citibank, IBM, Microsoft, Heinz, HP, and Eli Lily. Dr. Grover received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, MBA from Indian Institute of Management and Electronics Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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