Earning Academic Credit

All FCBE majors who meet the eligibility requirements have the option of earning academic credit through internships related to their major. Once you receive an offer, you should begin the process of applying for credit. You must apply for academic credit BEFORE starting your internship work assignment, as credit is NOT given after an internship begins.

1. Official Offer Letter
2. Job Description
3. Unofficial Transcript

Each application is evaluated for credit eligibility by the assigned departmental faculty internship supervisor, based on the job description and scope of the internship experience.

If approved for academic credit, you will receive a permit via email to REGISTER for the appropriate course.
As with other academic courses, TUITION IS REQUIRED and registration/add/drop deadlines apply.

You will receive an end-of-the-semester assignment by your internship advisor, and graded on a letter scale (A, B, C, D).

NOTE: Academic internships are required in the Supply Chain Management major; Social Media minor; Entrepreneurship major and Management Entrepreneurship concentration; and, HR Management major and Management HR concentration.

If your internship is not related to your major and you would like to pursue academic credit as an internship elective course, or you have a non-profit internship that requires academic credit, ask your advisor about BA 4811 elective internship credit (letter grade) or ELC 4000 university internship course (pass/fail).