SETE Instructions for Students

Why complete the SETE:

 You, as a student, have a unique view on how well the University of Memphis succeeds at providing high-quality education! Participating in SETEs helps elevate your voice as a student and allows you to share your experiences in an impactful way. SETE results are an important tool used to help faculty and other instructors improve their teaching, and your feedback can help support faculty and instructors’ continual improvement in course design and delivery.

How to access online SETEs:

  • Go to myMemphis, The University of Memphis portal, located at https://myuofm.memphis.edu.
  • Login using your UUID and Password.
  • Click on the gray tab entitled "Student."
  • Find the box (also known as a channel) called "SETE."
  • Click on the "Complete a SETE Evaluation" link found in this channel. (A list of courses will load shortly.)
  • Click on the link in the yellow box for the course you want to evaluate.
  • Fill out the form and click the submit button. **
  • Print the confirmation page and keep for your records.
  • If you have any trouble, please contact the IT Service Desk at 678-8888.

 **Make sure you are ready to submit! Once you click the submit button, you cannot access the SETE for that course again and it cannot be edited or retracted.

Want to evaluate another course?

  • Click the link on the confirmation page, which will take you back to the list of your courses. The course you just evaluated is now in a purple box, indicating that you have completed the evaluation.

Want to stop?

  • You can come back later to complete your other course evaluations. Be sure to properly log out of myMemphis by clicking on LOGOUT.

Want to know more about SETE?

  • Your SETE submissions are anonymous to your instructors. Only the class ratings as a whole will be provided to the instructors. The comments you provide will be given to the instructors but will also be displayed anonymously.
  • You can fill out your SETEs anywhere; at home, on campus, or wherever you have an internet connection.
  • You may submit only one SETE for each course.
  • Complete as many evaluations as you desire in a given session. If you only have time to complete the SETE for your English class, you can come back later to complete the SETE for your Math and Science classes.
  • Be sure you have time to complete the entire course evaluation or you will have to start the evaluation over for that course when you log back into the myMemphis portal. If you are halfway through the English course evaluation on your computer and you leave for work, you will eventually time out in myMemphis and your partial answers will be lost.
  • Finish what you start. If you do not click the submit button at the bottom of the survey page, you didn't finish your course's evaluation. The confirmation page lets you know that your course evaluation was submitted successfully.
  • Once an evaluation is submitted on a particular class, it cannot be edited or retracted.

Need assistance?

Please call the IT Service Desk at 678-8888 for assistance.