Joe Ventimiglia

Joe Ventimiglia

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Joe received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, earned a Master's degree from Indiana University, and holds a license as a Master Social Worker with the state of Tennessee. Known to his students as "Dr. Joe," he is a family sociologist, social psychologist, clinical social worker, and relationship counselor. He has published articles on abortion, chivalry, cults, and sexism.

He has made presentations on lovestyles, beauty (looksism), extramarital relations, divorce recovery, the process of forgiving betrayal, overcoming prejudice, compatibility in mate-selection, emotional inexpressiveness in men, social paradoxes, and genderlect. He is currently exploring women's hostility to men (misandry) and dysfunctional relationships. He teaches a staple course, Marriage and the Family, on relationships, in the style of a workshop, as well as courses in Social Psychology (Individual and Society), Mental Illness, and Gender. For all these courses syllabi are available on request.