Programs in the Department of Sociology

Undergraduate Degree Program

If you are interested in the study of society, then sociology may well be the major for you. After graduation, sociology majors find employment as teachers, social-service workers, business people, health-care professionals, and in many other fields. Sociology is also an excellent major if you are planning to enter law school or another professional field, including medicine. Of course, some sociology majors enter MA or PhD programs in sociology because they want to become professors, professional researchers, or even market analysts. In short, sociology prepares people for a broad range of careers. Learn about the Undergraduate Degree Program in the Department of Sociology.

Graduate Degree Program

The Master's program provides opportunities to develop skills and interests in specific specialty areas while obtaining a solid grounding in sociological theory and social research methods. The program offers a high level of student-faculty interaction and the opportunity to participate in supervised research. The exposure to a full range of sociological specialties allows our M.A. graduates to apply to and be accepted by a wide range of Ph.D. programs. It is also appropriate for students who want to work in areas of applied research. Learn about the Graduate Degree Program in the Department of Sociology.