Student Testimonials


Jaquille Bennett

JaQuille Bennett (Sophomore)

"TRiO-SSP has been nothing but welcoming to me since the day I joined the program. Ms. Davenport made me feel very comfortable with being part of the program and has shared many opportunities which are available on campus. TRiO-SSP has been an extended family for me!"



Shuntel Moore

Shuntel Moore (Senior)

"I joined the TRiO-SSP program during the Spring 2015 semester of my senior year. At this point in time I needed all the support I can get and Barrett came to the rescue. I was just content with graduating, but Barrett pushed me to make the Dean's List. My success this semester will truly be a testament to the TRiO-SSP program and Barrett's hard work."



Israel Polo

Israel Polo (Senior)

"I found this program in 2012 seeking scholarship opportunities. I had heard that the program offered scholarships to participants and all that was required of me was my one year participation. So I decided to enroll and found more than an opportunity to receive academic funding. I found an opportunity to develop myself into a better person."