In This Issue: Winter 2023

Dear Tiger Family,

After unveiling our Ascend strategic plan last spring, we have made much progress transitioning into the action stages of that plan over the past several months. Together, we are building upon our past accomplishments while setting the University of Memphis on a path to even greater heights in the future.

With this action comes change, which can be hard, but it is also essential to progress. The landscape of higher education is rapidly evolving. We must remain proactive to put ourselves in a position to thrive in that environment. With that in mind, we have taken a long look at what we are doing while assessing where we need to be now and where we need to be in our long-term future. It is challenging, but we have shown how very capable we are of creating positive change for our institution through a thoughtful and purposeful process with our strategic plan serving as the roadmap.

Strengthening our research efforts is a primary goal within our Ascend plan. The UofM has made tremendous strides in becoming a nationally recognized research institution in recent years, as evidenced by achieving Carnegie R1 status for the first time two years ago. That standing has already benefitted our University greatly, though we must remain diligent to ensure that level of excellence can be maintained and enhanced.

This magazine highlights a few of the many UofM researchers who have worked tirelessly to help us achieve our deserved recognition. Behind their hard work — along with our students, staff and supporters — and significant future investments in research infrastructure as part of our strategic plan, our status as a top-tier research institution can be sustained.

We invite you to enjoy these stories of our change-making researchers and much more in this edition of the UofM Magazine.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2023 and wish you the very best in the coming new year. I look forward to the continued success we will share as a Tiger Family.

Thank you for your support!


Bill Hardgrave

President Bill Hardgrave