Transportation Information

Directions if you are riding the bus

Students who live near the University of Memphis are expected and encouraged to ride the bus from campus to Frosh Camp. Please eat lunch before you meet the bus!

Our Frosh Camp site, Camp NaCoMe, is quite remote and cell phones will not have service once we arrive.  If an emergency arises and your family needs to contact you, please have them call 901.678.8679 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. If it is outside those hours, please have them call Camp NaCoMe directly at 931.729.9723.

Frosh Camp buses will leave from the Central Parking Lot.  View the University of Memphis Campus Map for location.  Check-in for students riding the bus will be from 10:00am-10:30am on the Monday of each camp.  The buses return to the Central Parking Lot on Thursday at approximately 1:00pm.

If you are flying to Memphis for Frosh Camp, please keep the following in mind:

  • Plan on arriving at the Memphis Airport no later than 8:00am the Monday of your camp session. 
  • Plan on departing the Memphis Airport no earlier than 5:00pm the Thursday of your camp session.
  • If you are arriving on Sunday and need housing for the evening, please contact Conference Planning & Operations - Julie Green (, for a room reservation on campus for a $30 fee. Reservations must be made in advance - contact Julie as soon as you know that you will need a place to stay.
  • We recommend using Uber or local taxi services to travel from the Memphis Airport to your lodging for the evening. The University of Memphis Holiday Inn also has a shuttle service provided for guests of the hotel. Please contact us if you need assistance getting from the airport to campus.
  • Please email to inform us of any travel needs prior to your camp session so that we can accommodate you accordingly!

Directions From West Tennessee to Bus Departure at Central Parking Lot

  • Take I-40 to I-240 South (towards Jackson, Mississippi).
  • Take the Getwell Road Exit, North.
  • Go North on Getwell until it dead-ends into Park.
  • Turn right onto Park.
  • Turn left onto Goodlett.
  • Go over the railroad tracks.
  • Turn left onto Central Ave.
  • Turn right at traffic light into Central Parking Lot.
  • Buses will be in the Central Parking Lot directly in front of Carpenter Complex.

Directions From Middle Tennessee to Bus Departure at Central Parking Lot

  • Take I-40 West until it turns into Sam Cooper Boulevard (through traffic).
  • Take Sam Cooper Blvd. To the Highland Street exit.
  • Turn left onto Highland.
  • Go South on Highland to Central Avenue (approximately 4 stop lights).
  • Turn left onto Central Avenue.
  • Turn left at traffic light into the Central parking lot (past the Holiday Inn)
  • Buses will be in the Central Parking Lot directly in front of Carpenter Complex.

If you get lost or need assistance, call Devon Thompson at 901.678.8679.

Directions if you are driving

If you are driving to Camp NaCoMe, you will want to arrive by 2:00 pm on the first day of your session. Plan on leaving or being picked up at Camp NaCoMe at 10:00 am on the last day of your session.

If you get lost or need assistance, call 931.729.9723 and ask for the camp director.

From West Tennessee to Camp NaCoMe

  • Take I-40 East to Exit 143.
  • Turn right after exiting and follow Highway 13 to the Hwy. 412 stop sign (approximately 20 to 25 miles). This is a four (4) way stop.
  • Turn left and take Hwy. 412 West for approximately 3 miles to Hwy. 100 (Hwy. 412 will split away from Hwy. 100, keep going straight on Hwy. 100).
  • NaCoMe Conference Center will be approximately 18 miles from where the two highways split apart.
  • Watch for a small sign that says NaCoMe Conference Center 1/10 of a mile. It's hard to see so keep an eye out. Turn left at the next road. There will be a large sign that says "NaCoMe Conference Center" on your right. The road to NaCoMe is across the road from the sign.
  • Continue on NaCoMe Road until you see the camp on your right. It will be approximately two (2) miles down NaCoMe Road.
  • If you get to Centerville you have gone too far.
  • NaCoMe Conference Center is between Pleasantville and Centerville.

From Middle Tennessee to Camp NaCoMe

  • Take I-40 to Exit 172 (Dickson).
  • Take Hwy. 46 South to Hwy. 100.
  • Turn right onto Hwy. 100.
  • Take Hwy. 100 West through Centerville.
  • The turn for Camp NaCoMe will be approximately 11.5 miles past Centerville.
  • Turn right at the Camp NaCoMe sign. It is hard to see so keep an eye out.
  • Follow this road a few miles to Camp NaCoMe.